Aug 2022 Minutes

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24th August 2022 at 7:30 pm

1. Present: Hector Muir (HM) Chair, Elaine Blanchard (EB) Treasurer, Gabriela Ingle (GI) Secretary, Andy Greig (AG), Al Rowlinson (AR), Yvonne Dickson (YD) Minute Taker, Cllr Elaine Watterson (EW)
Apologies: Joanne Inglis, Andy Greig

2. Approval of minutes of meeting on the 13th of July 2022: approved by (EB), seconded (AR)

3. Matters arising n/a

4. Reports – External:
a. Transport Scotland re Traffic Alleviation at Safari Park – (HM) 2 letters have been sent re accidents, one sent via FOI, the response was that the systems they gauge accidents is correct.
b. Police Scotland No anti-social behaviour but a lot of traffic incidents (covered in the reports). Safari park has had a few break-ins ie making pizzas, eating ice cream etc. police have been informed
c. Stirling County Councillor (EW) ME has advised re concerns about speeding and CC should have a meeting with SC to walk through. CC agreed to this. Blairdrummond lanes - to discuss this is a walking cycling friendly route, signage required for speed limits, Sommers lane - weight restrictions, only if this is evidenced could we take it further so we need to gather evidence. Bin strikes – the collection cards will be delayed until after the strikes are over. These will come out 22/23. The cards will ask what exactly you require from waste management. Strikes start on Fri-Mon and HMRC will also be closed. Some bins will be prioritised following the strike ie medical bins grey, and brown bins. Some auxiliary staff in schools are also threatening to go on strike. It will cost Stirling Council a considerable amount of money which will inevitably lead to an increase in Council Tax. The only way SC can raise money is through Council Tax. I have no idea what this will mean for future services. They have proposed a 5% increase that will cost SC 2.5 million this is a national strike not just SC so this may fall on the council tax payers. Looking at an older person champion, don’t want someone nominated at SC just to go along to Age meetings. We are looking for ambassadors, looking at all the facilities in the area ie what kind of dementia friendly facilities are available etc. how an old person receives this service and facilities, families may not live nearby, neighbours are usually good with them also how to keep an elderly person at home longer to preserve their lifestyle. Communicating with Liverpool as they are an example of best practice. CC would appoint someone as an ambassador and EW would communicate with CC to look at what is available.

5. Reports – Internal:
a. Chair:
b. Secretary: (GI) asked when we can meet in person, we have the booking form for the school. EB community hall has WIFI. (GI) Schools are supposed to be free as they belong to the council. (EB) Community Hall £15 – we can try for 5th October and stream online for those who can’t make it. (HM) says schools were unreliable in the past. – Action EB book the Community Hall
c. Treasurer (EB) Current Balance £743.43 £200 payment Thornhill News
d. Planning (AR) Nothing to report
e. Thornhill Future Group (EB) drafting local police plan, AG there is a couple of early drafts of it currently hopefully this will move quickly, more to report at the next meeting.
f. Thornhill Community Trust (EB) litter pick on the south common, gathered 4 bags, Tomorrow (Thursday 25 August 22) Summer Stravagen for the over 65s in the village, there are 24 of them. This has been funded from the big onion.
g. Blair Drummond Community Hall (GI) currently trying to arrange to meet someone from Active Stirling to meet and look at the hall

6. Community Council Business
a. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill: (GI) on behalf of AG Andy sent email a decision is expected in September
b. Slow down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards Stirling – ME/GI (GI) no updates, a petition has been submitted, we have had an acknowledgement. ME says there is a meeting early September
c. Sommers Lane – ME (GI) driven through the lanes there is no signage – Action is to gather evidence.
d. Ochertyre Road signs (blocking access to Briarlands Farm) – (GI) we are waiting Mary Ingles will have to pay for the passing places. SC is going to install signage on A84
e. Scout Hall ownership – (EB) its on auction no. 6 and will be going up again next week. HM asked if there is a website. Action EB will send this.
f. Speeding in Thornhill – EB/ GI on behalf of AG (AR) highlight the traffic monitoring we have in the village. We have a sensor on the masonic hall which monitors traffic. There is a link in the chat on the Thornhill website, this may be good to mention to SC when the meeting is held. It is a huge volume of traffic. It’s just a matter of time before something happens. The volume of heavy goods traffic is shocking. Anything SC can do to make signage clearer would be a help.

7. Residents Forum: (EB) Action will drop an email to EW and will let her know what’s happening – can EB take a photograph. Nature site designation – not sure what the next step for this is GI didn’t know what the process is and will send an email asking what the next steps are.

8. AOB: N/A

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting: 5th October at 7:30pm. Venue Community Hall with WIFI for online access.