Oct 2022 Minutes

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5th October 2022 at 7:30 pm
Hybrid, Thornhill Community Hall and online

1. Present: Chair, Elaine Blanchard (EB) Treasurer, Gabriela Ingle (GI) Secretary, Al Rawlinson (AR) Minute Taker, Scott Patterson (SP), Andy Greig (AG), Moira Russell (MR), Joanne Inglis (JI), Sheena Stewart (SS) Cllr Gene Maxwell (GM), Sam Campbell (resident) (SC)

Apologies: Hector Muir

2. Approval of minutes of meeting on the 24th of August 2022: approved by (GI), seconded (AR)

3. Matters arising N/A

4. Reports – External:
a. No update
b. Police Scotland – Report not sent in time due to resourcing issues.
c. Stirling County Councillor Gene Maxwell (GM) has advised that Stirling Council have a considerable over spend on their revenue budget and a £10m underspend on capital budget which can roll forward. DRT is crumbling in Stirling area, many people rely on it, Strath Ard have set up a volunteer group to provide medical transport. Killin are using the same system and its working well although they are having issues with care providers. Health and Social Car at SCC have budget and are looking to recruit to provide care for rural areas. GM is investigating DRT issues.

5. Reports – Internal:
a. Chair: No update
b. Secretary: (GI) Nothing new to report. One question about investing in a microphone and broadcast equipment for online meetings – This was approved by (EB) and (AR) – Action EB book the Community Hall
c. Treasurer (EB) Current Balance £1223.04
d. Planning (AR) 3 updates, spreadsheet circulated.
e. Thornhill Future Group (EB) Local Place Plan to be delivered early 2023 ongoing project. (GM) Raised the point about short term lets – what % of properties are holiday homes etc. Are there any areas which would benefit from new legislation to create an area to protect homes and safeguard housing. E.g. planning permission needed to convert usage. Some discussion followed about the pro’s and cons of this type of scheme.
f. Thornhill Community Trust (EB) meeting last week nothing to report.
g. Blair Drummond Community Hall (GI) nothing to report.

6. Community Council Business
a. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill: (AG) no movement. (AG) contacted Christopher Kennedy to get update. Target date for decision was the 25th September. Was informed the report was still being finalised and will be published shortly. (AG) continuing to check regularly.
b. (GI) no response to petition to SCC. There was a meeting in early Spetember but no response from this. (GI) to contact Jim Mills about sensors for monitoring traffic volume.
c. Sommers Lane – Martin Earle update – Culvert replacement works to be carried out in October, nothing in place yet.
d. Ochertyre Road signs (blocking access to Briarlands Farm) – (GI) No new news.
e. Scout Hall ownership – (EB) TCT meeting saw it was removed from auction website, unaware if this means its sold.
f. Speeding in Thornhill – (AG) Discussion on commissioning signs to highlight 30mph zone. Prohibitively expensive and SCC not supportive. Restrictions on type of signs and wording.
(EB) met with Caroline from SCC, Martin Earle and Jim Mills, map of Thornhill to be placed in shop with the community encouraged to mark up pinch points and areas of concern. Mentioned that the Lion and Unicorn needs the double yellow lines outside to prevent street parking.
Removing the centre line on Main Street was brought up again, some discussion pre pandemic about this but no action since.

7. Residents Forum: Residents from Doig St in Thornhill have highlighted problems with visibility at end of the street due to a high fence and bushes. In Low Town Thornhill issues with cars parked in front of Dr Hendersons obscuring views down Kippen Rd. Teachers/School staff cars are parked down towards the square all day. Flooding in this area too. Drains blocked – can report to the council. (MR) Not much that can be done about parking – no other space for parking
(GM)– raise parking issues for any development proposals SCC discussing about charging for EV’s. Currently free.

8. AOB:
(GI) – Joanne sent MSG that Weds are difficult and she wont be able to meet in the future and will have to resign. Do we have to have it on a Wed? Any rules? Joanne can meet if hybrid.
(GI) to look at moving meetings to other days. Have meetings every 6 weeks. Gabi to send out an email Nov 16th next meeting not decided yet and will confirm need to let council know so support staff can update.
CC Health Check – 23rd September forwarded out.
(GM – major difference between rural CC’s and town-based CC’s – This could be SCC trying to fix a town issue and not understanding about rural affairs.
(EB) – Money may be available to provide a warm space in Community Hall
(MR) – 2 houses in Doig St getting refurbed by Council – empty for 4 months and 12 months – Have heard that these could be emergency houses – big garden and concern about upkeep and maintenance. Lack of work and delays, concern these aren’t being looked after and won’t be going forward. (GM) – going to investigate.
(GM) – Scotland offered to take 3000 now taking 18000 Ukrainian refugees- there’s going to be a huge need for spaces.
Agenda point for next meeting to confirm dates for next year.

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting: ?