Jan 2023 Minutes

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11th January 2023 at 7:30 pm
Thornhill Community Hall

1. Present and Apologies
Present: Hector Muir (HM) Chair, Gabriela Ingle (GI) Secretary, Elaine Blanchard (EB) Treasurer, Alison Newlands (AN) Minute Taker, Joanne Inglis (JI), Andy Greig (AG), Cllr Elaine Watson

Apologies: Al Rawlinson (AR), Sheena Stewart (SS), Moira Russell (MR)

2. Approval of minutes of meeting on the 16th November 2022.
Minutes approved, no objections or comments.
Approved by AG
Seconded by JI

3. Matters Arising
No matters arising, all covered in agenda.

4. Reports – External
a. Transport Scotland – Traffic Alleviation at Safari Park
HM - no update on this issue at present.
b. Police Scotland
An up-to-date report has now been received from Police Scotland report and has been circulated to members prior to the meeting.
AG – follow up from meeting on 16th November. Contacted Police Scotland regarding late reports, which has now been rectified.
c. Stirling County Councillor

Demand Responsive Taxi
EW updated the meeting on the continuing issues around the Demand Responsive Taxi (DRT). EW advised that Stirling Council are still trying to recruit firms to help with the service, which is proving very difficult. In addition, EW advised that she would like to set up a meeting between Stirling Council and each Community Council in the surrounding areas to raise issues affecting them and address them. There has been a range of concerns around
the DRT and any awareness that the service exists. All agreed that once the issue have been resolved the service should be advertised is key areas such as doctors’ surgeries and local community halls.
Thornhill and Blair Drummond Community Council agreed to participate in the Stirling Council meeting for the DRT service.
Slow Down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards Stirling.
EW asked the meeting for an update on the above issue. GI advised that an email has been received stating that the petition has been acknowledged and will be dealt with the Environment Committee.
EW advised the Community Council to send a reminder to Stirling Council for an update and when the petition will be tabled at the Environmental Committee. HM agreed to email for an update.

NHS Dentists
EW advised the meeting that there is a petition in circulation on the removal of NHS patients at the Dentist in Callander.
EB advised that the local shop in Thornhill has a copy of the petition with around three pages of signatures so far. Unsure when the deadline for submission to Stirling Council is.
EW will check the deadline date and update EB.

5. Reports – Internal
a. Chair
HM - Nothing to report.
b. Secretary
GI - Nothing to report.
c. Treasurer
EB updated the meeting with the current financial information.
Treasurer’s Report: £4007.06 in the account. Recent income of £3000 for warm room funding for the Community Hall.
d. Planning
Report from AR circulated prior to meeting. AG updated meeting on behalf of AR.
JI asked the meeting about Hillside Lodge new developments and the detail around approval of new house.
HM agreed to check previous minutes of TBCC and contact Stirling Council regarding restrictions for new developments small settlements.
e. Thornhill Future Group
EB advised that the steering group met on Monday to discuss place plan compiling.
In addition, EB advised that the Thornhill Scout Hall has been sold, unclear at present who the new owners are or the plans for the hall.
f. Thornhill Community Trust
Nothing to report.
g. Blair Drummond Community Hall
GI advised updated the meeting on an issue with fly tipping at the Blair Drummond Community Hall. There has been an increasing amount of rubbish being left at the bins in the car park of the Community Hall, which is the responsibility of the hall and they are required to dispose of the rubbish left.
GI agreed to contact the Community Hall regarding the issue and ask about removing the bins completely and how rubbish disposal could be done without the bins.

6. Community Council Business
a. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill
Nothing to report, still awaiting decision.
b. Slow Down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards Stirling.
GI advised that the petition will be tabled at the next Environment Committee meeting.
c. Speeding in Thornhill
Agenda item addressed, see Police Scotland item 4.b
d. Cycle Path
HM advised that he had followed this up with Stirling Council and has been informed that everything is in hand and they are waiting on further funding and liaising with landlords.
HM agreed to forward the email to the TBCC members.

7. Residents Forum
Nothing to report.

8. AOB
No further issues/comments raised.

9. Date, time, and venue of next meeting
Future meetings dates confirmed. Members agreed to continue to offer hybrid meetings.
22nd February 2023


Action Points Member Responsible
DRT Meeting – Stirling Council TBCC TBCC
Petition on Dental Service in Callander submission deadline EW
Update on submitted Petition - Slow Down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards Stirling. HM
Email Stirling Council regarding planning restrictions and small settlements around Hillside Lodge area. HM
Check TBCC minutes for any action or agreed actions regarding small settlements and planning restrictions Hillside Lodge area. HM
Repairs to Thornhill War Memorial EB/ME
Cycle Path email update to be circulated to TBCC HM
Blair Drummond Community Hall rubbish disposal issue – removal of bins GI


Meeting closed 20:05.