November 2023 Minutes

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th November 2023 at 7:30 pm
Thornhill Community Hall
1. Present and Apologies
Present: Hector Muir (HM) Chair, Andy Greig (AG), Elaine Blanchard (EB) Secretary, Alison
Newlands (AN) Minute Taker, Cllr Martin Earl (ME), Sheena Stewart (SS), Al Rawlinson (AR),
Rowena Coulthard (RC), Sam Campbell (SC), Gabriela Ingle (GI), Veronica Bachelor (VB), Sara
Fullerton (SF).
Apologies: Gary Thompson (GT), Moira Russell (MR),
2. Approval of minutes of meeting on the 26
th September 2023
Minutes approved, no objections or comments.
Approved by EB
Seconded by AR
3. Matters Arising
Red Squirrel sign on Coldoch Road
EB advised that a response from Stirling Council advised that consideration will only be
given to providing red squirrel warning signs where evidence can be provided to confirm
that an area is part of a red squirrel reintroduction/conservation programme. They have
been unable to find any information to confirm that this is the case for Coldoch Road. They
are happy to consider this information if it is available to the CC or residents. Many animals
are killed on our roads each year, with hedgehogs, badgers, hares and birds amongst them.
However, warning signs are designed to protect the driver, not the animal, and there is no
evidence to suggest that signs for small mammals do anything to protect those small
animals. There is no permitted sign for small wild animals and as such, we have to apply for
special permission from Transport Scotland to place signs for squirrels on the network.
When making this request they have to have reasons for it and even then, there is no
guarantee that permission will be granted.
The full response has been forwarded to the Thornhill resident who raised the issue.
Speeding in Thornhill
No update on signage for the primary school.
ME asked if Thornhill Primary Schools has a safer route to school plan, every school should
have one and this should be requested through the Headteacher. RC agreed to contact the
Headteacher at Thornhill Primary School and request the plan.
EB advised that feedback and comments from residents regarding speeding in Thornhill
have been forwarded to Alyn Smith. A request has also been sent to find out the results of
the survey sent out by Alyn Smiths office regarding the issue.
4. Reports – External
a. Transport Scotland – Traffic Alleviation at Safari Park
HM advised that there have been a few serious accidents around this area in the last few
weeks and will request an update from Transport Scotland on the issue with a view to
arrange another meeting.
b. Police Scotland
The Police Scotland latest report has been received with very little information listed.
Request to be sent to Police Scotland to report on all logged incidents in the area. The
TBCC also request a change to the template sent from Police Scotland and if possible, a
representative from Police Scotland to attend the next TBCC meeting.
EB agreed to contact Andrew Bushell with the TBCC concerns.
c. Stirling County Councillor
ME advised that Stirling Council are currently looking at budgets for 2024/25 and significant
savings will be required due to a large deficit. A round of public drop-in events for Stirling
Council’s Big Conversation with residents and communities have been announced.
Through the ‘Big Conversation’ meetings, the views and priorities of residents are shaping
how the Council addresses a budget shortfall.
ME added that a statutory service delivery report has been produced to help with setting
the 2024 budget.
5. Reports – Internal
a. Chair
Nothing to report.
b. Secretary
EB advised that the next Thornhill Futures Group meeting on the local placement plan will
be held on the 26th November at 2pm, representation is required from TBCC.
c. Treasurer
AG updated the meeting with the current financial information.
Treasurer’s Report: £901.22 in the bank account, admin grant has been released.
d. Planning
AR Report circulated prior to meeting.
AR read out new planning applications received at Stirling Council for Thornhill.
ME advised that the New National Planning Framework (NPF4) affects local authorities in
that they are required to take account of it when preparing local development plans. There
is also some conflict regarding housing and the countryside developments and Stirling
Council are awaiting supplementary guidance to aide with this.
e. Thornhill Community Trust/ Futures Group
EB advised that the next meeting will be held on the 26th November 2023. The aim to at this
meeting will be to finalise a definitive place plan.
f. Blair Drummond Community Hall
GI advised that the Blair Drummond Christmas Fayre will be held on the 24th November
from 7-9pm in the Community Hall, all welcome.
g. North Common Trust
EB advised that the North Common Trust has a new chair, and the AGM will be held on the
20th November 2023 at 7pm.
6. Community Council Business
a. Co-option vote for Veronica Batchelor and Campbell Millar
Further to the Inaugural Meeting in June, where seven candidates were elected to the
Community Council, it was advised there was the capacity to elect up to nine people, and
co-option nominations will be accepted from the November 2023 meeting onwards.
Nominations have been received for the following candidates:
Veronica Batchelor
Proposed – EB
Seconded – AG
Campbell Millar
Proposed – HM
Seconded – AR
There was a further candidate Sheena Stewart, and her nomination will be kept on file until
the available next vacancy on the Community Council.
b. Associate member vote for Gabriele Ingle.
EB advised the meeting that Thornhill and Blair Drummond Community Council have the
ability to approve an associate member. Associate members may be appointed by a
community council where there may be a need for individuals with particular skills or
knowledge and these individuals do not have voting rights.
Gabriele Ingle wishes to become an associate member.
Proposed – EB
Seconded – HM
c. Resignation of Vice Chair Andy Greig
AG advised that he is leaving the area and will no longer be able to remain on the
Community Council and therefore submitted his resignation as Vice Chair.
Formal resignation from AG needs to be submitted to Stephen Bly, Stirling Council.
Nominations were now required for a new Vice Chair.
Alastair Rawlinson
Proposed – EB Seconded – RC
No objections Alastair Rawlinson elected as Vice Chair.
d. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill
AG updated the meeting on the development application and advised that a decision has
still not been reached, no significant update at present. AG telephoned the Court of Session
for an update on the process with the Mossed development in West Calder. At present this
development is under appeal and the Reporter is awaiting the decision on this appeal
before proceeding with the Thornhill Development decision. There has been a procedural
hearing arranged on the 14th December 2023 for the Mossend Development and a full
hearing in March 2024. The decision could then take a further 12 weeks.
e. Slow Down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards
No update at present. HM to chase and pass to ME if no response from Stirling Council.
Leave on agenda until resolved.
f. Doig Street Water Pressure
RC that Scottish Water will be in the area tomorrow and will update the meeting next
month with any progress.
g. Traffic/Speeding in Thornhill
EB advised that all feedback and correspondence from Thornhill residents has been sent to
Alyn Smith MSP.
7. Residents Forum
Nothing further to report.
8. AOB
Climate and Ecology Bill
AG advised the meeting that the Green Party have asked if Thornhill & Blair Drummond
Community Council will support the principals of the Climate and Ecology Bill. It is a private
member's bill before the Parliament of the United Kingdom aimed at tackling the climate
crisis and environmental disaster.
Committee agreed to defer a decision on this at present.
Thanks to Vice Chair – Andy Greif
HM thanks AG for all his work and support to the TBCC over the last few years.
9. Date, time, and venue of next meeting
12th December 2023 at 7:30pm
Action Points Member Responsible
Email to Thornhill Primary Headteacher –
requesting safer route to school plan
Update on traffic alleviation at Safari Park HM
Contact Andrew Bushell, Police Scotland
with the TBCC concerns.
Contact Stirling Council regarding update
on signs A873
Meeting closed 21:05