Mar 2023 Minutes

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Minutes of Throsk Community Council Meeting 14th March 2023 @ 7pm in Throsk Community Centre


Present Jim Morton Helen Yuill Ian Corlett

Bernard Reynolds

Brian Hambley (Councillor)

Margaret Scotland (Throsk Resident)



William Liddell


Police Officers (not present)

Nicola Durward Stephanie Martin


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Proposed by Helen Yuill and seconded by Ian Corlett.


Police Report

Please find attached the Police Report relating to the period concerned.


Police Scotland encourage Throsk residents to phone or e-mail Bannockburn Police Station with any concerns that they may have.


Contact e-mail:


Councillor Report

Please find attached the Councillor Report relating to the period concerned.



No correspondence.



No planning.


All planning can be viewed on the following website:


Community Liaison Officer

Community Liaison Officer not requested.



Concerns over the Caretaker for Throsk Community Centre.


Heavy noise at night from Bandeath Industrial Estate from Euroroute area.


Residents of Throsk encouraged to come forward for Defribrillator training, please contact Throsk Community Council.


Next meeting to be held 11th April 2023

@ 7pm in Throsk Community Centre.


Throsk Community Council - Elected Members Report 14/03/23

Trimming of overgrowing hedge - there is a request in to get the hedge on the path from the car park down toward the river trimmed back. I await an answer.

Regarding the speed limit through the main part of the village, I have a meeting arranged with road services officers on the 21st March to discuss speed limits across the Eastern Villages and Bannockburn.

Throsk Community Enterprises - having carried out an extensive search to see what information was in the public domain regarding the running, management and adherence to OSCR requirements, finding very little I have requested from OSCR details of what exact information should be available to the community, where there should be a copy of the constitution for all to see.

So far all that's available is the minimum that is required on OSCRs page - which is very little and out of date. I've also enquired re. the lease.

Macleods Maturation Warehousing Development - an update on progress has been requested - I await a response.


Area Forum

There was an event held by the Community Development Team on Saturday (I was unable to attend) Representatives from Fallin, Cowie and Plean stated an intention to meet in early June following the CC elections to form an Eastern Villages Forum. The representatives aske the CDT to engage with

Throsk and invite Throsk to participate.

I'm giving you the 'Heads up' tonight and would suggest that this would be a great opportunity for Throsk. As Community Wealth Building initiatives roll out a forum across the villages is likely to attract greater attention and you do have the industrial estate right there.

A forum will take a bit of work from all concerned and the right support will have to be put in place.


Quarry Update

I have looked into the quarry with specific regard to it posing a potential hazard to health.

Officers informed me that although there is a repair and reinstatement clause Patersons have not technically declared that this in no longer a working site and therefore no demands can be put on them to return it to its original state!

Also, that the measures taken to secure the site have been inspected and complies with the 1954 Mining and Quarries Act.


Old Viewforth

16th Feb. Housing Budgets

Of the proposals for rent increase - 2.9% was passed as this was what was identified as acceptable by 60% of respondents in the Tenants Consultation exercise, however, in the same document slightly over 80% voted for increased housing and similar for increased spending on environmental improvements!

Housing Services gave assurances that current levels of services and capital investment will be sustained with the level of increase.


2nd March Council Budget

There is a substantial deficit that is to be covered by a number of decisions including cuts of and/or to services, and by use of a Voluntary Severance Scheme.

Council Tax was raised by 7%


Name of Community Council


Throsk Community Council meeting - Tuesday 14 March



Crime reports


Crime Reports for Throsk - 13th February 2023 to 13th March 2023


There were 0 crime reports made to police during the

period under review.

Over the time period concerned, there were 4 calls made to Police the majority of which were in relation to road traffic matters.


Other Incidents of note/relevant

Community Council information



Any Information regarding anti-social behaviour is welcomed, and can be reported to Police Scotland via Tel: 101, to Crime stoppers, or directly to the Community Officers via:

Please email my feedback to:



Officers are always being made to obtain intelligence in relation to substance misuse and drug dealing in the Throsk area, and we are keen to tackle drug dealing where intelligence is received.


Any information regarding substance misuse and drug dealing is welcome, and can be reported to Police Scotland via Tel: 101, to Crime stoppers, or directly to the Community Officers via:


Feedback from meeting


Please provide any feedback from the meeting to: