September 2023 Minutes

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Minutes of Throsk Community Council Meeting

7pm Tuesday 12th September 2023 Throsk Community Centre

Present: Jimmy Morton (JM) Chair, William Liddell (WL) Vice Chair, Bernard Reynolds (BR) Secretary, Helen Yuill (HY) Treasurer, Ian Corlett (IC), Fiona Mckenzie (FM), Cllr Alasdair McPherson (AM) Local Councillor

Apologies: Police officer not present

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Proposed by (HY) seconded by (IC)

Police Report: Please find the attached police report relating to the period concerned.

Police Scotland encourage Throsk residents to phone or email Bannockburn Police Station with any concerns they may have.

Contact email

Councilors Report:

High Speed Broadband: Lothian Broadband are installing high speed broadband, similar if not better, to Cityfibre that every other community has. This has been a long fought battle but we have won the day. It will be installed to both ends of Throsk.

Whisky maturation warehouse scheme at Bandeath Industrial Estate: (AM) here is the petition I will give to the Tory dominated Planning Panel for this application. I checked with William and he is happy that I had covered the concerns raised by the community.

Whilst I am generally supportive of this application, my support is qualified.

I fully support the concerns of Throsk CC at 2:13pm in today’s report.

In relation to their first concern relating to whisky mould or blackening as it’s also known. It disappoints me that no mention of this has been made of this phenomenon in the officer’s report.

You only need to look across the River Forth at the impact of blackening has had on the buildings and the trees at the Blackgrange Whisky Bonds near Cambus.

I request that the Panel members address this issue at the hearing and seek to add appropriate condition to address the community’s concerns which were addressed widely at the Pre Application public meeting.

I also share the concerns expressed by the CC relating to the roads and traffic matters.

I see that the developer has offered a financial contribution towards the roads network.

Whilst I welcome this, it is vital that the contribution is used to improve the A905 which goes through Throsk.

There has been long term, ongoing problems with the subsidence of roads ironwork, eg road gulleys and water toby covers etc which rattle when driven over, causing extreme nuisance to local residents. This problem will be exacerbated due to the increase of heavy Lorries during construction and upon completion.

I once again request that Panel members seek assurances at the Hearing that the contribution offered is adequate and that it is used for improvement works on the A905 on Kersie Road, Throsk.

I also have concerns over the impact of the development on the Firth of Forth SPA.

2.44.3 in the report states that the development will have a significant effect on this European site.

I urge Panel members to thoroughly investigate this matter and especially if the proposed conditions go far enough as there are extremely rare species of birds that could be disturbed and displaced by thisdevelopment.

Here is the decision taken by the Planning Panel

The Planning and Regulations Panel approved planning application 23/000238/FUL subject to the conclusion of a Legal Agreement and the condition and reason set out within Appendix 1 to the submitted report.

Labour Councillor Banned for bullying female officer

Stirling Labour councilor Danny Gibson was banned in June for bullying female officers. The ban was imposed by the Standards Commission after Gibson was found to have bullied female officers. A report is going to council in September which will hopefully also give an explanation of why £23,000 of public money was spent on external solicitors in 2020 investigation Gibson’s bullying only for Labour councilors to claim they had dealt with the matter internally. Clearly they didn’t – but thankfully justice caught up with councilor Gibson in the end.

Correspondence: No correspondence


Approved plans of Euroroute building.


Proposed Plans of Alton Farm to build 12 Chalets and car park

Eastgate Landscape development

H&R Gray Haulage warehouse development Pre Application Notice. Public Meeting to be arranged at a later date.

See attached planning information.

All planning can be viewed on the following website.

Community Liaison Officer: Community Liaison Officer not requested


Request Road Officer

Defibrillator Training

Concerns of Japanese Knotweed overgrowth in area

Next meeting to be held 7pm Tuesday 10 October 2023 Throsk Community Centre