February 2024 Minutes

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Throsk Community Council Minutes

Meeting 7pm Tuesday 13 February 2024 Throsk Community Centre


  1. Present: Jimmy Morton (JM) Chair, William Liddell (WL) Vice Chair, Bernard Reynolds (BR) Secretary, Helen Yuill (HY) Treasurer, Ian Corlett (IC), Fiona Makenzie (FM), Cllr Margaret Brisley (MB) Local Councilor, Yvonne Dickson (YD) Minute Taker, 1 Resident (Res), Paul Ginandrea (PG) Throsk Community Enterprise


  1. Apologies: 1 Resident, Police

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting 9 January 2024: Proposed (IC) Seconded (HY)


  1. Matters arising: (HY) asked if Roads Officer had been notified about October actions, YD emailed him to remind him of actions and invite him along to Feb meeting but not had a response, JM we may need to speak to our councilor. IC Bus shelters have been cleaned.
    (10 January)
    HR Gray another application for construction of a class 6 storage and distribution warehouse across from the Deeside Timber site - Application for original site and pre-application notice, it’s been in the Observer but (WL) hasn’t seen anything in the planning. Action (WL) will check into this.
    Rats (res) people have been setting traps and caught a few of the vermin. (Res) has contacted the council through Environmental Health and contacted Councilor Alastair McPherson, she has sent photo and these are on public paths and is a health and safety issue.  (BR) they have been dumping rubbish at the yards and this may be encouraging the rats. (MB) whoever is renting this should be responsible (WL)  they are renting the land out on the Industrial Estate – we need a list  of all of the companies who are there, privately owned by Robert Hunter and he rents out the spaces and is being sub-divided – it’s east of MTS and there is a caravan and gardening place there.  (res) – says the council says we need to identify the area. (JM) was told council would investigate and to date nothing has been done.  Action (MB) will take this up.
    No 12 is a breeding ground for rats as the hut is in a bad state. The owner is elderly and may have dementia Action (MB)

  2. Police Report: No police present but a report was provided. A new police has taken over – Graham Woodhouse
    There were 3 detected cases of theft between 14/11/23 and 13/02/24
    Anti-social behavior – any information of anti-social behavior can be reported to the police via Tel 101, to Crime Stoppers  or directly to the Community Officers via BannockburnCTP@scotland.pnn.police.uk
    Efforts are always being made to obtain intelligence in relation to substance misuse and drug dealing in the Throsk area and we are keen to tackle drug dealing where intelligence is received.
    Any information regarding substance misuse and drug dealing is welcomed and can be reported to Tel 101, to Crime Stoppers  or directly to the Community Officers via BannockburnCTP@scotland.pnn.police.uk



  1. Councilors Report: (MB) re – Bus shelters – committee stated that they have now been cleaned but the bus shelter are still in need of lighting.
    Budget – Officers have done a first round of savings, and the state is dismal at the moment. Government will say our grant has increased but the extra is designated to a particular spend. People have been proactive with bringing forward ideas for savings. Heads of service have been instructed to identify all non-statutory services provided. There are many things i.e. non-statutory services we provide and we do not have a legal duty to provide these. There are levels of standard i.e. bronze, silver and gold and perhaps these could be investigated. We don’t want to cut services and we want to continue to help young people and are proud of the work we do but unfortunately we are having to revisit some of these things we provide and see where we can make saving.
    If we change the day school time there is a possibility that we could make savings. We are well aware that school prep and marking etc. is usually all currently done out with the 35 hour week and it will be difficult for teachers to catch up.
    The Cabinet Secretary for Education in Scottish Government will take action against authorities that change schools hours or teachers numbers (they may take back part of the grant – they will penalize authorities). There is 18.5 mil savings to make and 50% of the budget is education, social care takes 25% of the budget and the rest goes to other services.
    Officers are putting options up for consideration and this is not something they want to do.

    We will try to protect services that impact our most vulnerable people as far as possible. Elected members are just as unhappy to even have to consider some of the options facing us. None of us came into local government to cut services but to improve them.

The Budget decision will be taken at the end of February beginning of March so you will know then the extent of the cuts. We will be looking at all ways to mitigate the position but it would be wrong of me not to point out the seriousness of the situation.

The Housing budget meeting was held last week there is a 6% increase in rent for next year. This was supported by a consultation with the tenants and Housing Advisory Group. The capital investment was also approved.
(res) Council tenants here in Throsk have not had any maintenance done on their houses but Breahead are getting new kitchens in. (MB) some areas get done as the standard of the houses aren’t of good quality and this is the way it is prioritized.

Xmas lights (MB) noted - some of the residents in Fallin have said that it would be good to take the Xmas lights through to Throsk. Didn’t realize they have separate Community Council. Fallin (Polmaise CC) would be happy to give advice and help out with lighting. (JM)Look into sponsors or support to do this. Fallin Community Voice, Plean Community Voice, Cowie (CRAG) are all advertising things that are going on in the villages and working together, via Facebook. (JM) will look further into this. We need to look at our Facebook and see if there is a way to work together. They managed to get sponsorship to buy and erect their lights, this may be something Throsk CC can consider.
(Res) asked about Community Centres – (MB) CRAG has taken over Cowie – it may be that communities want to take them over rather than closing them and we may need to look at rationalizing them. (Res) there are new houses in Bannockburn and will need new facilities. (MB) The bulk of the capital programme is being taken up with schools.


  1. Throsk Community Enterprise – Paul Ginandrea introduced himself, and welcomed anyone who would like to come on board to help out with the running of the Community Centre events and hires. We have hires to £700/£800 a month there is Dancing and Karate and we are looking for more hires.
    We have a Facebook page it would be good to share information.  Paul runs the centre this free of charge on sentimental/family reasons and its working well, budget is around £15k in the bank, no one takes a wage even the cleaner works for free. He would be grateful for anyone who would like to come along and get involved as he is passionate about the village? It would be good to point to a link on SC website minutes to share with community. Action (YD) to add to Community Council page on SC website Throskcommunitycentre (Facebook)
    Everything is transparent and we are keen to get involved with the village. (res) asked about the flooring. (PG) We need to keep the building open and the mats needed to be put down for the karate and they pay good fees and require these mats at the time this was our only source of income.  It is quite complicated to lift these mats but we would lift them if required for football etc. The floor may need some repairing and this would have cost implication so this is something to bear in mind. We would like to get as many community groups to use the centre as possible. The heating costs a lot to keep up with so we have to schedule the pellet machine off. We are trying to keep the building as compliant as possible.
    (FM) asked about pallets, (PG) Pallets are available for pick up for free if anyone wants them this is on the Facebook they will need to arrange a time and pick up. The chairs are also not being used so we need to find ways of utilizing these for the community i.e. bingo, weddings, funerals etc. look at positive ways to use the hall and get people involved.
    Active Stirling used the hall for first aid courses – we will try to encourage this kind of usage.
    We need to look at the motion lights for the defibrillators. Action (PG)
    (WL) is there a possibility of a notice board outside with contact details etc. Action (PG)
    There may be a possibility of CCTV for the building, this would be good to investigate. Action (PG) A discussion was held around having events in the centre and the park this is something the CC and PG can take forward.


  1. Correspondence: N/A


  1. Planning: N/A


  1. Community Liaison Offer: N/A


  1. Any other Competent Business: Action (MB) will get in touch with roads to see why no one turned up at the meeting.



Next meeting to be held 7pm Tuesday 12 March 2024 Throsk Community Centre