January 2024 Minutes

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Throsk Community Council Meeting Minutes

Date 9 January 2024, Throsk Community Centre


Present: Jimmy Morton (JM), Chair, Helen Yuill (HY) Treasurer, Ian Corlett (IC), Fiona Makenzie (FM), Yvonne Dickson (YD) Minute Taker. Resident x 1


Apologies: Bernard Reynolds (BR) Secretary, William Liddell (WL) Vice Chair, Police, Local Councilor


Minutes of Previous Meeting: Proposed (HY) Seconded (IC)


Matters arising:  Rat infestation Numbers 12-17 Kersie Road is getting bothered with rats, (local resident will get in touch with local councilor). FM is getting bothered with them. Local residents are putting poison down and some are using humane traps. Action (JM) will check with the councilors to see if the council should pay for the removal of these as this is becoming an infestation. 

Resident (arrived late to the meeting) she phoned the council they want £79 up front to investigate the problem.  The rat poison the residents are putting down doesn’t seem to be working (blue pellets).  (Resident) emailed Alastair McPherson, local councilor, resident has photos of the rats. Feels she can’t hang her washing out or use her garden.  They are under the decking and even inside some people’s houses.  There are people on benefits who can’t afford to pay money for the removal of these vermin.

This is a health and safety matter and there are children and elderly people in the village, the residents are very worried about this.

Request Robert Fleming from Roads to come to the February meeting or provide an update Action (YD) to email him.

Bus shelters still haven’t been cleaned Action (JM) to speak to councilors.


Police Report: No police in attendance


Councilors Report: No councilor in attendance


Correspondence: N/A


Planning: (HR) Gray have something going on next to Deeside Timber Action JM will check this out.  (IC) the Riviera wedding venues had party’s on at New Year, quite a bit of noise coming from there.


Community Liaison Officer:  N/A


Any other Competent Business: (IC) There is no more information re Budget about library or community centre closures. (IC) has heard that the Cowane Centre in Stirling may be closing soon (January 2024).

(IC) blue bins haven’t been emptied during the festive season - one side of the street had been emptied yet the other hadn’t.  



Next meeting to be held date 13 February, Throsk Community Centre