May 2022 Minutes

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Torbrex Community Council

03/05/22 (7pm Private Residnce/Zoom) AGENDA


1. Attendees and Apologies

Attendees : Sharon Paterson, Matt McGrandles, John Buchan, Annette Van Schalkwyk Apologies : Barry McDonald

2. Previous minutes submitted to Stirling Council that have as yet not been published are all ageed – proposed by JB, seconded by MMcG. )

3. City Centre South Update

At a previous session the City Centre South project had discussed the proposed changes within the Torbrex area.

· If there are community sessions we will request that TCC get early access to discuss with the project team

· 20mph zones causing issues with cyclists as there is no opportunity for cars to get to a speed to enable a safe overtake – are these still temporary or is there still discussion to be had? If these are permanent then better signage is required.

  • Clearer road markings needed

· Seek clarification on the potential changes to the double roundabout at kings park

4. Police Reports

At this time we had no police report. Contact has since been made with the Community Police officers who have confirmed

· 2 youths have been arrested and charged with the fire in Beechwood, they will publicise this

· Patrols will be stepped up in Beechwood in an attempt to address the ongoing vandalism

· Patrols will be stepped up in the High School Estate with reports of prowlers trying doors and windows

· Contact will be made with the school based police officer in regards to the anti social behaviour reported in relation to high school children making use of Beechwood at lunchtimes.

5. Planning Reports

a. Ice Rink – we are still awaiting an update on this, it had been hoped a decision would be taken by end April

b. Beechwood Pavillion – this property has now been marketed by Stirling Council

c. Seven Sisters (Cambusbarron) – it was noted this development had started and the CC will continue to monitor any potential impact on Torbrex

6. Beechwood Park

a. Vandalism -it was noted that this continues to be a problem within the park and was agreed the following should be looked at by the CC

  • Sub Committee of the CC to look at development of the park
  • Litter Picking

· Mail drop in immediate area asking the public to report any and all acts of vandalism that they witness being carried out

  • Beechwood CCTV


7. Litter

  • Police drones as implemented in Kings Park

· Could the existing pavilion (if no interest in sale) be replaced with a more open but covered structure that would give youths somewhere to hang out that is not the play/gym equipment.


  • Would the 7th Scouts be interested as part of a Community Impact badge

· School Eco Hub – has this resumed and would they be interested in resuming the litter picks in conjunction with the community

8. Platinum Jubilee

· We are unaware of any plans for a torbrex wide celebration of the platinum jubilee. We would be keen to organise a Torbrex wide community day of some sort at another time but we would need volunteers from the community to take on the organisation of this.

9. Dog Fouling

This again has been noted as an escalating issue in the area, we will

· Look to have Stirling Observer run a story on the issue and the community impact

· Speak to the dog warden about extra patrols, more signage

10. Laburnum Grove Area Flooding

We believe the issues on the grass area have been resolved. Other issues at the lane should be reported to the council when they re-occur with photo evidence provided, the CC can then chase up and escalate this with the council.

11. Recyke-a-bike

Contact made from Recyke-a-bike for inclusion in community events, at this time we have none but note they will be in attendance at the St Ninians School Fete

12. Meetings Schedule 2022

03 May

28 June

6 September

1 November

10 January 2023

7 March 2023 (AGM)

Locations still to be established as the High School appears to no longer have a bookable meeting space

13. AOB

· New members needed, will confirm current process with Stirling Council

  • Open future meetings to the public
  • Look at rules for spending funds