Nov 2022 Minutes

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Torbrex Community Council

02/11/22 (7pm Stirling High School) MINUTES

1. Attendees and Apologies

Attendees : Sharon Paterson, Matt McGrandles, Annette Van Schalkwyk, Fiona Rayfield, Chris Rayfield, Jen Preston

Apologies : John Buchan

2. Previous minutes from 28/06/22 – proposed by SP, seconded by MMcG

3. Police Reports

· Police report was not recieved

4. Planning Reports

· Ice Rink – we are still unclear as to what is happening with this piece of land

· Beechwood Pavilion – again, we have had no further update on this. Stirling Petanque club have followed up on their interest to set up in Beechwood but this would not include the pavilion due to restrictions being placed

5. Beechwood Park

· New equipment to replace the frame that had been burned down has been installed and proving to be a hit

· There is continued vandalism to various bits of equipment and it was noted that at lunchtimes the high school pupils take over the park

6. Litter

· We believe the litterpickers are again in talks with the high school with a view to recommencing that activity

7. Dog Fouling

· The problem appears to have abated for now, this item will remain on the agenda to facilitate monitoring

8. Recycling consultation

· Jen Preston is the chair for the committee that is carrying out this consultation, the survey has again been shared on the Torbrex page encouraging residents to share their views.

9. Recycling consultation

· We believe that with the new administration in place at Stirling Council the changes to Recycling will be revisited – the CC would be keen to collate comments from the community to ensure any changes are appropriate to what the community need

10. Community Involvement

· It was decided not to hold a discussion on this at this time as it would be a matter for the new chair to raise as appropriate

· FR to contact the school re the witnessed dangers during their bikability weeks

11. AOB

· The next community council meeting is Tuesday 10th January, anticipated to be again at the high school