December 2023 Minutes LPP

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Torbrex Community Council – Local Place Plan Subgroup
14th December 2023, 12:15
King’s Park Pavillion
1. Welcome and introductions
a) Recording attendees
▪ Ruth Paterson
▪ Max Hislop
b) Apologies received (none)
2. Declarations of interest (none)
3. Discuss requirements/actions for upcoming Stirling High School Give and Take event –
Saturday 16th December 10-12pm
◦ This is our first engagement event and we are looking for high-level feedback from
residents to direct what we do/where we go in the future.
◦ Ruth has reserved a table stand. Max has secured poster boards for the event. Discussion
of board contents and layout. John has printed flyers with the community council email
◦ Use of the Place Standard Tool to make simple feedback forms for residents to
◦ Action: Forward to Max the contact details of the council LDP team and the Community
Development Team (Ruth).
◦ Action: Explore key issues raised in previous Stirling Council LPPs. Have these ready to
reference at Saturday’s event (Max).
◦ Action: Other materials for the event: post-it notes, notebook/paper, clipboard, feedback
forms, velcro tabs for the poster board, pens (Max).
◦ Action: Arrange for printing of the poster board titles and Torbrex area map2 - minimum
spend to come out of the community council admin budget (Max).
4. Discuss way forward for Torbrex Local Place Plan
◦ Ruth emailed the Local Development Plan (LDP) team to ask about the deadline for
submission of the community Local Place Plans (LPP). The response was 25th April
◦ Question over whether it’s worth submitting before then so that the council have time to
take our LPP findings into account. We need more research into the LDP schedule.
◦ We need to understand the difference between an LPP and a Community Action Plan.
◦ The new LDP will have a 10 year lifespan so it’s important we take this opportunity to
lodge an LPP.
◦ Once we have determined exactly what an LPP delivers, what we need to do to deliver
one, and a deadline then we can reach out to the community and see if we can get some
new subgroup members to help us.
◦ We might be able to attend more events at schools (or through the parent councils) to
communicate what we are trying to do and ask for feedback. We also need to do
engagement on local bodies like the hospital and police station.
5. AOB
2 Find map: