December 2023 Minutes

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Torbrex Community Council
5th December 2023 1900
John’s Shed
1. Welcome and introductions
a) Recording attendees
Community Council
Ruth Paterson (RP)
Matt McGrandles (MM)
John Buchan (JB)
Max Hislop (MH)
b) Apologies received
Julie Myles (JM)
Derek McCulloch (DM)
2. Declarations of interest
3. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes
JB proposed
MM seconded
4. Matters Arising
◦ Possibility to get sponsorship from Torbrex Inn for flyers going out to the community.
DM approached them and we’re waiting for a response.
5. Future Plans – Committee Members and public offering of co-opting
◦ Need to get ratio of members to co-opted members right, we need to achieve a minimum
of 7 members over the next year. Council procedure needs to be followed.
◦ DM resigns as treasurer effective immediately.
19:10 – meeting close