January 2023 Minutes

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Torbrex Community Council Minute of Meeting 09/01/23

Stirling High School

1. Welcome and Introductions - The Chair welcomed those present to the first face to face meeting since the pandemic but as there were only three community council members present, the meeting was inquorate and as such was not able to proceed with Agenda items 2 to 8. [* Point to Note]

a. Community Council Members Present: Matt McGrandles [Chair],

Annette Van Schalkwyk [Secretary], Chris Rayfield

b. Apologies: John Buchan, Fiona Rayfield [Planning], Sharon Paterson [Treasurer], Councillor Benny, Councillor Farmer, Councillor Preston

c. In attendance: Isla Shortt (minute taker)

d. Residents Present: Richard Sawyer, Graham Renfrew, Margaret Pitcaithley, Una MacFadyen, Ruth Paterson

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8. Residents Forum - The Chair decided to proceed with the residents forum in order to allow the residents present to voice any issues.

a. Publicising minutes

i. There was discussion regarding distributing and publicising minutes and ensuring that they are up to date wherever they are displayed. AVS confirmed the last minutes were up on the noticeboard in Beechwood however, with the graffiti on it, it would be hard pushed to read them.

ii. It was noted that residents wanted the minutes displayed both on the noticeboard in Beechwood park and on the Torbrex community council website.

iii. Posting the minutes on the St Ninians community notice board was mentioned, however it was concluded that it is not possible to post them there as it is not a Torbrex notice board.


b. Raising awareness of the community council in the community

i. There was some discussion about a notice board specifically for the community council erected next to the one in Beechwood.

ii. MMcG proposed a flyer drop to publicise the community council amongst residents in the hope of creating more awareness as well as attracting more residents to get involved in the future.

c. Car park / Ice Rink Ground

i. There was a discussion around what is going to be built in the car park area next to the high school. It remains unclear as to what is happening with this piece of land.

ii. No updates have been received regarding progress with this but MMcG advised that the Council have selected Bannockburn as the area for the new support school to be built rather than on this ground.

iii. It was mentioned that the agreed timescale to build houses on this ground had passed or was almost up. All present were still not in favour of this area having housing built on it due to access being needed across Torbrex Lane.

iv. Potentially, this ground could be added to Beechwood Park if there was interest in a community buyout and asset transfer of the land. This had been previously proposed by MMcG but this would require a new Development Trust to be set up, separate to the CC, and driven forward by that committee.

d. Street Lighting

i. GR asked if an Elected Member was meant to be coming and MMcG advised that they received an email that day, advising them there was not.

ii. GR highlighted the issues he has investigated for some time with residents having to pay for the street lighting outside his block as they have not been adopted by the Council yet.

iii. MMcG advised that if the block of residents felt it would be supportive then could he email the CC with this issue on behalf of them and AVS would forward onto the elected members for feedback.


e. Cycling on pavements - UMcF

i. Issue was raised regarding cycling on pavements around the high school. MMcG mentioned there was a number of travel / transport discussions to be had with an Elected member present, including the 20mph zones as well as the lights at the T junction at Lidl being used as 2 lanes instead of 1.

ii. It was noted that there are potential risks to pedestrians as well as cars, as cyclists cycle at 20 mph and so a car is not able to overtake without exceeding the speed limit even though a cyclist may signal them to do so.

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting

a. Stirling High School 07.03.23 at 19:00 with Residents Forum at 20:05 The Chair closed the meeting at 20:10.

Point To Note [*] Following a debrief with the Stirling Council co-ordinator, he advised that the quorum for our community council meetings was 3 members and not 4 as the Chair had thought. As such this meeting did have a quorum and will be recorded as such.