Apr 2021 Minutes

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Approved Trossachs Community Council minutes Thursday 8th April 2021 via Teams

Participating: Crispin Hoult (CH), Gene Maxwell (GM), Penny Tindle (PT), Robert Bryder (RB),

Apologies: Police, Michelle Flynn (MF), Cllr McDonald (JM), Cllr Tweed (ET), Billy Ronald (BR, NP rep), Sue Morris (SM)






Introductions: CH chaired the meeting and welcomed all.

Approval of minutes: After amendments, proposed by GM, seconded by RB



Matters Arising:

a) CH needs to put notice up re: emergency services by the defibrillator.

b) Litter pick to take place on April 17th. PT contacted SC and was told they can’t provide the large bags and or lift the rubbish after the pick due to Covid restrictions. CM to talk to Nik Turner from the Park re: bag provision and collection. If no uplift provided TCC to take to tip.

c) CM & GM to talk to Nik re expected outcomes of the Park’s actions.




Stirling Councillor’s update: -

- Budget released, no Council Tax rise.

- All meetings now suspended until the elections in May.

- Enforcement officers will be in place in April. Informal get together to discuss pertinent issues.

- To meet with the Forestry about temporary car park matting and using

the old ski boat area.



Specific Items:

a) Roads: PT to contact MF re the most appropriate person to contact about future options for our area. Contacted SC Roads staff and was told that they have it under control, but to escalate if nothing happens. No more information provided.

New signage has been erected but this is still temporary. Enforcement staff were on site on Saturday and received both oral and physical abuse. This is not acceptable. Sunday was better. Discussion re: the Park indicating other places people can go and walk e.g. Forest Drive, Leanach, Loch Katrine. Cllr Earl sent a note to the Park re: their out of date websites detailing parking and toilets. Cllr Earl, CM and GM to speak to Kenny Auld about these issues, especially as people will be allowed to travel further on the 26 th April exacerbating the situation. The Ben A’an car park extension has planning permission.

b) Finance: no change, current total £ 14,452. PT applied for a Grant from SC for Glen Finglas road passing places. It was made clear that the TCC currently have enough funds to do it themselves.

c) Planning Matters: The proposed Loch Katrine path is still awaiting a response.

d) Community Policing: Report provided, they continue to deal with reported Covid breaches and antisocial behaviour, and were involved with the recent parking problems as outlined above. Much better on South Loch Venachar, laybys clear, rangers out, lots of signage and no

drinking on the beaches. The gate at the gatehouse was manned to


Cllr Earl, CM, GM



stop further intrusion.

e) Bye-Laws & Camping: The 3 Lochs drive remains closed as repairs and logging continues. SM reported the road was in great condition. PT to contact Alistair MacPherson at the Park re the opening of the 3 Lochs Drive, toilets, litter collection, rangers etc.

No report from the Woodland Trust. CH to contact Hamish Thomson to ask him to send a report for the next meeting.

f) Broadband: Waiting for response from Broadway Partners after their annual review. Alex Burtea asked when the local network, the Sluices, the Dam, Duart and north Katrineside would be done. Woodland

Trust’s Hamish Thomson also chasing full roll out. Local engineers are checking the network.

g) School update : the heating biomass boiler was installed and commissioned before 31st March so receives the long-term subsidy for lowering carbon footprint. The project is progressing through the planning stages. Jim and Marina Lindsay are planning the interior design. There is now the need to raise money for the renovation of the building, including electrics, toilets, etc.

h) Covid 19 update: SC - the worse local authority for Covid cases, is improving. New level 3 restrictions will come into place from the 26th April with travel across local authorities being permitted.



Correspondence: none



AOB: a) The Tearoom is hoping to open in April. Fantastic work by James and Kay in their renovation. The TCC wish them all the best.

b) CM was in contact with Killin Mountain Rescue to determine what useful pre- and post-hill walk information we could/should provide. Currently, work

in progress.



Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on Thursday 13th May via Teams