Jun 2021 AGM Minutes

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Trossachs Community Council AGM Thursday 10th June 2021 at via Teams


Present: Crispin Hoult (CH) Chair, Gene Maxwell (GM) Vice-chair, Penny Tindle (PT) Secretary, Robert Bryder (RB), Chris Mitchell (CM), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (Stirling Council)

Apologies: Sue Morris (SM), Roger Drapper (RD) Treasurer.




Introductions: CH chaired the AGM and welcomed everyone.


Approval of Minutes: Proposed by GM Seconded by PT


Chairman’s Report:

For many, the year to summer 2021 has been very long and hard. We think of all those who are related to our community who have seen loss this year and look forward to a “new normal” without forgetting the sacrifices and impact 2020/21 has had.

We are fortunate in the Trossachs to have retained much of our lifestyle during Covid, but as a rural community we have seen challenges come and highlight areas that require local input and long-term planning and management.

With restricted local services (GP practice, shopping constraints, hours of service for public offices) constrained the need for reliable (or any!) public transport is highlighted – not just for residents, but visitors also.

Communications in an isolated area have been shown to be crucial and the local Broadband project has helped many retain education, entertainment and social interaction as well as show the viability of employment and working from home in the area. We hope this will show on-going viability of the village with a healthy resident population,

Community in its wider sense has been challenged without the ability to gather. We look forward to the reopening of the village hall, congratulate the tea-room and local business for investing in people and location and also look forward to seeing how the Old Trossachs School can bring together people with a project to create a community hub in a special building.

Of course, tourism infrastructure and coordination has been a challenge.

Lockdown easings and dirty camping brought a litter collection early in the year of over 60 bags of waste from our small area. We continue to press for local issues to be heard at National Park level and are pleased that the Strathard and Trossachs Visitor Management Group was finally to

launch this year.


Treasurer’s Report:

The accounts have been audited. Account opened at £11870.82. It closed at £14365.50.

There was much discussion re what to use the money for. Many suggestions were made including paying to put hard-core in the unofficial passing places up Glen Finglas Road, which could then be adopted by Stirling Council. The AGM decided to put a piece in the Bicycle Tree asking for



Secretary’s report: It has been an up and down year with issues getting to the right person at SC. “Teams” also made communication difficult for some. This has been compounded as contact with SC has become more impersonal. CCs are no longer allowed to contact SC directly; every query must go through a generic email that will then send it to the appropriate department and have 10 days to respond. The TCC finds this unacceptable. This system will dilute the message, create unnecessary layers between SC and CCs, and could cause unnecessary delays and failure to


address the problems/issues.

Election of Office Bearers:

There was no change to the office bearers so they stay as last year.

Chair: Crispin Hoult

Vice-Chair: Gene Maxwell - Planning Secretary: Penny Tindle

Treasurer: Roger Drapper


There being no further issues the AGM was closed.

Date of the next AGM: 9th June 2022