March 2021 Minutes

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Trossachs Community Council minutes
Thursday 11th March 2021 via Teams

Participating: Crispin Hoult (CH), Gene Maxwell (GM), Penny Tindle (PT), Robert Bryder (RB), Billy
Ronald (BR, NP), Chris Mitchell (CM), Michelle Flynn (MF – SC), Cllr McDonald (JM), Cllr
Tweed (ET)

Apologies: Sue Morris (SM), Police










Introductions: CH chaired the meeting and welcomed all.

Approval of minutes: After amendments, proposed by GM, seconded by RB



Matters Arising:

  1. CH needs to put notice up re emergency services by the defibrillator.

  2. GM has 2 sacks of salt available to all for local gritting.

  3. Approval to change the bylaws to make alcohol consumption deemed
    an offence if an open container is present, on South Loch Venachar.
    Maybe in place by 1st April. Concerns re moving problem across the





Stirling Councillor’s update: -

  • Enforcement and litter uplift discussed but more information needed.

  • Discussion around more big litterbins and regular emptying in the car



Specific Items:

  1. Roads: It seems that people either do not understand what a clearway
    is or are deliberately ignoring it. PT to contact MF re the most
    appropriate person to contact re this issue.

    Confirmation from SC has been received that new signage will be
    erected but not until the end of the year. ET contacted the Head of
    enforcement team to see if this could be brought forward.

    There is a manpower issue in the Roads department due to Covid.
    The Ben A’an car park extension is still awaiting planning permission,
    TCC sent written support letter.

  2. Finance: Have received the Hydro money of £1905, which makes the
    current total £ 14,452.

  3. Planning Matters: The Pier at Loch Katrine had applied for a path to be
    reinstated with raised boards up to the old viewpoint above, and
    recommend personal support from all.

    Dundarroch should not be letting out the property if there is a flood
    alert, multiple flood alerts issues so far. Not currently let but needs to
    be evacuated if alarm raised.

  4. Community Policing: Report provided, they continue to deal with
    reported Covid breaches and were involved with the recent floods
    helping stuck cars and closing flooded roads.

  5. Bye-Laws & Camping: The 3 Lochs drive remains closed as
    repairs/grading and logging continues. Walking, cycling and fishing are
    not restricted. Awaiting lifting of Covid restrictions. Additional signage

re speed and one way driving with more frequent litter picks with more






seasonal staff and more patrols expected. Good to get a Forestry
report. No report from the Woodland Trust. CH to try to contact
Hamish Thomson.

BR said there would be extra litter rangers and looking for permanent
Clearways before Easter. NP was reassessing the last season re proper
use of these. Park board meeting not include BR. NP asked Matt
Buckland (MB) to make a plan but communities not involved, actions
pretty weak. MB offered to look at Trossachs Gateway as a priority
area. Forestry encouraged to open another area and utilise their
forestry roads to disperse people across the area. UK wide advertising
of Ben Aan not helping.

  1. Broadband: Broadway Partners had their late 1st annual review. CH
    pressed for visibility that they are working to complete total coverage
    of the areas – the Sluices, the Dam and north. No report arrived. Alex
    Burtea at the dam is the official TCT rep chasing this. Work is in
    progress to make the system more resilient with the new mast on Ben
    Aan to reach Stronachlachar. The aim is to provide back up if the signal
    from Callander fails. The long-term future would be to install fibre once
    the network is completed.

  2. School update: Land fund paperwork finally completed, missives
    received on Monday and keys on Wednesday, so the School is officially
    the Community’s. Aim to install the biomass boiler before 31st March
    to get a long-term subsidy for lowering carbon footprint.

    A skills survey was sent out and fund raising needed to make the
    building fit for purpose etc. Jim and Marina have offered to do the
    decorating over the summer.

    Planners want 6 parking spaces, to widen the entrance, widen and
    surface the informal passing places on Glen Finglas road so SC can
    adopt. TCC rather do all the way up the road, need Type1 sub base and
    asphalt. TCC has funds and it needs to get started.

  3. Covid 19 update: SC the worse local authority for Covid cases. Forth
    Valley testing more people. Concerns re the TCC and rural areas being
    made to remain in lockdown for longer due to the numbers. ET to talk

to Bruce Crawford but this is a national issue.






Correspondence: a) Letters from a couple of MPs and MSPs have been
received re attendance at our meetings. The TCC is apolitical, so rejected.

b) SC insurance for TCC members if use own vehicle for TCC work. Not needed.



AOB: a) the Tearoom has applied for an alcohol licence

b) Litter pick to be organised for w/e April 17th. We have signage and pickers
but need large bags and SC to lift rubbish after pick. MF to find out who needs
approaching. Covid safe as easy to keep to rules.




Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on Thursday 8th April via Teams