Oct 2021 Minutes

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Trossachs Community Council minutes on Thursday 14th October 2021 in the Village Hall


Participating: Gene Maxwell (GM), Penny Tindle (PT), Roger Drapper (RD), Robert Bryder (RB), Sue Morris (SM), Chris Mitchell (CM), Cllr Earl (ME)

Apologies: Police, Crispin Hoult (CH) & Hamish Thomson

Also in Attendance: Richard Cox & Hilary Robinson






Introductions: GM chaired the meeting and welcomed all back to face-to-face meetings.

Approval of minutes: July meeting minutes were proposed by RB and seconded by GM.

The meeting started with a general negative comment of “shocking” about the new SC system for contacting them about issues. This has become more impersonal, with delays in messages getting sent to the correct department and contact, and therefore delays to the response and failures in addressing the problems/issues and lack of responsibility. Cllr Earl to take comments back to SC.

Cllr ME


Then followed a presentation from Richard Cox and Hilary Robinson from the Heritage Centre group re amalgamating all the maps of the village into one. The aim is to create a large folding map, folding to A5 size, to sell to visitors to the Heritage Centre in the old school. In addition, a free A3 folding leaflet of the history of places and events that took place in the area. The printing prices quote from a firm in London seemed very inflated.

The TCC decided that it needed 2 quotes from different sources for the design, the TCC would fund this part of the process. A presentation of the completed map and leaflet would come back to the TCC for approval and funding for the printing, also with 2 different quotes. The map could be placed opposite the

bus shelter as well as in the school. It was too big for the Noticeboard.



Matters Arising:

a) The licensing issues re the manager of The Byre playing loud music

were brought to SC’s attention and he was visited and has been spoken

to. The double decker bus has now moved from the car park.



Stirling Councillor’s update: - SC agreed on 7th Oct CCs could meet in person.

- 2 Bridges in the SC area have collapsed, so a lot of SC budget will go to repairing these, community issues monies will be reduced.

- The fishing area at Loch Venachar has been reduced to be clear of the dam. Drummond estates have stopped allowing fishing on their land.

Fishing only from the Loch side cafe up to the Woodland Trust farm.



Specific Items:

a) Roads: CM has had a response from Richard Morris re Glen Finglas laybys saying that the TCC should not pay to upgrade them until the school is financially safe. GM to talk to CH.

The NP has begun discussions on infrastructure planning in the Trossachs and Strathard area with a small group of representatives

from Local Authority. Re: Achray west – there was a positive reaction to




the idea to keep traffic off the roads by a bus run and a large car park, also for an off road track around the whole of Loch Achray. Concern obviously re flooding.

b) Finance: July total £ 14,340.50, the admin grant is £91.93 this year.

c) Planning Matters: Work on the Dundarroch holiday cottages started and several large delivery lorries have been blocking the road.

Nothing happening in Dorothy’s field.

Visitor accommodation is being built next to the Lochside Café and a second one will be built behind. There were no dissents to this.

d) Community Policing: Report provided, they continue to deal with reported Covid breaches and antisocial behaviour and helping NP rangers. Officers nearly always patrol in pairs but a new process will allow their radios to contact the Control room for verification by the public if they are on their own.

e) Bye-Laws & Camping: PT asked Alistair McPherson re no-show statistics after booking. It does occur but visitors get pre-stay information re: late cancelling so is rare. Camping went quite well except for persistent problems on South Loch Venachar re damage from fire pits with nails from old bits of wood, fishing hooks etc. and still issues with rubbish. A lot of old cables were uncovered by the drought (now collected)

f) Broadband: BT Open Reach engineers are doing surveys around the village. There has been positive feedback on their progress but no immediate expectations. Broadway Partners have a 5-year contract with the village and we are now in year 3. There would be choices from a range of network providers and different service after that ends.

g) School update : Grant applications continue. TCT AGM 28th Oct 7.30pm



Correspondence: a) Forestry survey sent round re any issues or comments on their management. PT to resend to all.

b) FLS are revising the Loch Katrine Land management plan and will be meeting at Stronachlacher Pier on 22 nd October from 10am to 2pm.

c) The next Census will be in March 2022. This is planned to be a digital census and want to encourage all to complete it online. A series of online events have been organised for groups who can’t do this. Everyone would still receive a paper copy initially, and then those that can will fill them in online and the others will return paperwork.

d) An invitation has been received from Scottish Water for us to have a representative on a Litter and Waste Management meting. No further

information as yet.



AOB: a) Loch Katrine road was closed last week the risk of further landslides.

b) Dukes weekender went off well as held off road.

c) CM suggested the TCC fund a proper Christmas tree for the village and lights and also a Christmas tree trail around the area with sweeties as an incentive.

d) NP rehashing Place Plans but still with no consultation with CCs.

e) Complaint re the bin outside the Village Hall, which SC should empty.



Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on Thursday 11th November in the

Village Hall. PT gave her apologies.