May 2022 Minutes

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Approved Trossachs Community Council Minutes: Thursday 12th May 2022 in the Village Hall


Participating: Gene Maxwell (GM), Robert Bryder (RB), Penny Tindle (PT), Chris Mitchell (CM), Sue Morris (SM), Roger Drapper (RD)

Apologies: Crispin Hoult (CH), Trossachs Police






Introductions: GM, as Vice Chair, chaired the meeting and thanked all for coming.

Approval of minutes: March 10th 2022 meeting minutes were proposed by SM and seconded by RD.



Matters Arising:

a) Gritting of the Duke’s Pass: RD contacted the gritting department and was inform that the driver decided which routes he was going to take. GM to pick up this issue, so please send him any information.

b) TCC money: still no clear idea of how to use. Continue to request for suggestions. Two suggestions offered were missed. To be discussed at the next meeting. It was suggested that the money goes to clearing the pavement down to the Byre Inn, however a village group got together and did an excellent job.

c) PT has sent the minutes to SC for them to upload.

d) Litter pick – very successful and thanks to all who contributed; about 40 bags were collected.

e) Luss and Arden CC have sent a response to the LL & Trossachs planning guidance for 2024 – 2034. It is heavily loaded to enhance visitor

experience while the Community’s needs and Resident aspirations

come a poor second.



Stirling Councillor’s update: GM, Martin Earl & Elaine Waterson have been elected. It was noted that there was an 84% alphabetical bias in the voting system. The first meeting on the 19th May.



Specific Items:

a) Roads: The road from Callander has some very large potholes, which could cause and accident and damage to cars. PT to report them.

b) Finance: Nothing new

c) Planning Matters: Dorothy’s field – talking to Rural Stirling re real issues in rural sites. Dundarroch – no change.

d) Community Policing: Report provided, complaint re the driving manner of groups of fast cars, no evidence provided. Message from Inspector Bushell re a busy visitor season. There will be extra officers at peak weekends patrolling local vulnerable locations, especially covering areas of dangerous/inconsiderate parking. They are working with a range of agencies to keep residents and visitors safe.

e) Bye-Laws & Camping: The 3 Lochs drive is now open.

f) Broadband: no news

g) School update : Refurbishment work continues. Just waiting for EDF to

reconnect the electrics, now over a year since the first request!





a) CM said there was a local initiative run by Salmon Scotland with Nutritionists and learning what we are eating. See the website.

b) Recyke-a-bike at Causewayhead has a range of different skills and services that can be used for activities in our area.

c) Loch Katrine has been updating its signage and further upgrades to the

road and paths around it etc.




a) G M resigned from the TCC due to his election to Stirling Council but will continue to attend with the other Councillors on a rota basis. The TCC proposed a very sincere thank you for his long service as prior chair and diligent member of the TCC.

b) PT has reviewed the grant application to pay for a minute taker and it will fund the role.

c) CM said the litter is evident and a litter pick is planned for weekend 23/24th April depending on the weather. To send to Kate Longworth for distribution nearer the date.

d) With GM leaving the TCC will need to do some recruiting.

e) PT questioned what Jubilee celebrations had been planned. Nothing formal at the moment.

f) No permits for wood scavaging have been issued.



Next Meeting: The next TCC meeting will be on Thursday 9th June at 7.30pm in

the Village Hall being preceded by the AGM.