Nov 2022 Minutes

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Draft Trossachs Community Council Minutes: Thursday 10th November 2022 in the Village Hall

Participating: Crispin Hoult (CH}, Penny Tindle (PT), Chris Mitchell (CM), Sue Morris (SM), (Roger Drapper (RD), Cllr Gene Maxwell (GM)

Apologies: Trossachs Police, Robert Bryder,






Introductions: CH chaired the meeting and thanked all for coming.

Approval of minutes: 14th July 2022 meeting minutes were proposed by CH and seconded by SM.



Matters Arising:

a) Parking behind the Village hall sign. PT will contact SC again about it.

b) Luss & Arden CC proposal. PT to reply

c) A substantial amount of Grit has been delivered around the village. PT to ask SC for equipment. Action for Cllr GM to check if policy on decision to not grit road included setting the signage up to indicate road was not treated.

d) SC gritters come 1 st thing and late in evening. It was felt that Driver

discretion regarding if the road is too dangerous, is being exploited.


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Stirling Councillor's update: Huge budget shortfalls for energy & public sector. Capital budget, much is being moved to next year. Finance Committee not met for many months. Priorities not set.

DRT has a lot of problems with routes; driver's pay and the wide range of

needs. Contact is David Hopper. Thanks to GM



Specific Items:

Roads: the deep edges on the roadside where the road has collapsed are to be filled with stones shortly.

a) The new Stirling Community Winter Maintenance programme was discussed and the current "individuals led" approach determined to be more appropriate to urban communities. Within TCC there is already infrastructure and communications for resilience and it would be preferred to reuse this rather than create another community group. PT to ask Stirling if TCC can have 6 sets of gloves, visibility jackets, shovels and pavement spreader under the programme as a shared (not individual) resource

b) Finance: current balance £16,772.65, Hall paid £100 for use.

c) Planning Matters: The plans for Dorothy's field are still not resolved re: the drainage/sewerage/ wastewater issues. The projected Buffer zone was well received. SM has talked to Graeme Harley re Section 75 and will contact him again for an update. There are 3 options, which need careful examination to make sure the TCC is not seen to support something that can be altered later.

d) The flooding rules state that no one should stay in houses/chalets when there is a flood warning. Dundarroch (the new house) is not open yet so not breaching anything. The owner was contacted by the NP planning team. This was following unauthorised machinery working to install drainage in the Ancient Woodland site. (Detailed in development

restrictions as a hand-dig area)


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