Civic hospitality and funding

Civic attendance at your event

The Provost is always keen to hear of any celebrations to mark special occasions, events or achievements.

You can use our online application form to invite the Provost to:

  • attend an event
  • recognise an achievement
  • celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary
  • celebrate a 100th birthday

Financial support for events that promote Stirling

Civic funding can be provided for events that promote Stirling - its people, multicultural communities, businesses and environment. Events should aim to attract audiences locally and from far and wide and should be as inclusive as possible. You may wish to invite the Provost and Bailies to your event.

Generally, these events should take place within the Stirling Council area. We will consider events in other local authority areas, but you must be able to demonstrate how Stirling will be promoted and benefit.

Who can apply?

Funding is open to all groups and organisations that meet our criteria. You can make one application each financial year for between £50 and £5,000.

If you want to request repeat funding, such as for an annual event, the maximum award for any subsequent applications will be £500. We can only vary this in exceptional circumstances.

How to apply

You can apply online. Make sure you answer all questions as fully as possible and supply relevant quotes.

We recommend that you submit your application as early as possible. You should also check our deadline dates for civic hospitality applications.

We will not fund an event that has taken place before the decision date.

If your application is successful, we'll email you to let you know.

Download application form and guidance notes

Terms and conditions

Funding is made to enable the applicant to undertake the event detailed in their application. Any unspent funding should be returned to the council.

You must submit an event monitoring and evaluation report as soon as possible after your event and no later than 3 months after the event.

You must ensure that there is a public acknowledgement of the assistance provided by Stirling Council. You must do this by:

  • using our logo/branding on advertising and publicity materials
  • acknowledging the support in any press statements or other printed materials