Possible common good property

First published

14 Nov 2022

Last updated

09 Jan 2023

How we assessed property

In law, there's no simple definition of what makes land or property 'common good'.

However, other local authorities in Scotland have created a criteria for assessing common good land and property. Our Legal and Estates teams used this criteria when they checked land and property, or 'assets', in the former burghs of:

  • Bridge of Allan
  • Callander
  • Doune
  • Dunblane
  • Stirling

Common good criteria

To be classed as a common good asset, an item must:

  • have been acquired on or before 15 May 1975
  • have been used by the general public for a long time
  • be dedicated for a specific public purpose

Also, title deeds for the asset should include conditions about public use.

An item would not be classed as a common good asset if:

  • it's outside the area of a former burgh
  • it was acquired after 15 May 1975
  • it was acquired using statutory powers
  • it is or was held in a trust

Possible assets in Bridge of Allan

Asset name Approximate date asset was acquired
The Fountain of Ninevah 18 October 1876
Pullar Park 21 April 1920
Bridge of Allan War Memorial 21 April 1920
Land at public toilets 7 September 1948
Land 18 October 1876
Paterson Clock Tower Between 1898 and 1909

Possible assets in Callander

Asset name Approximate date it was acquired
Callander Golf Course 27 March 1905
Callander War Memorial 5 April 1905
Land at Bracklinn Road 25 March 1905
Callander Crags Woodland 8 May 1905
Land at Loch Lubnaig 7 May 1905
River Teith Fishing Rights 23 April 1905
Memorial Sundial Unknown

Possible assets in Doune

Asset name Approximate date it was acquired
Doune War Memorial 27 October 1921

Possible assets in Dunblane

Asset name Approximate date it was acquired
Dunblane Faery Bridge Unknown
Signpost at Fourways Roundabout Unknown
Dunblane War Memorial Deed of Gift by Kippendavie Estate
Sloping ground at the Allanwater (east end of Haugh Footbridge) 9 April 1905
Laighills Pavilion 25 March 1905
Dunblane Allotments 25 March 1905
Laighills Park Bridge A at Pavilion 25 March 1905
Laighills Park Bridge B 25 March 1905
Laighills Park Bridge C 25 March 1905
Laighills Park Bridge D 25 March 1905
Bridge over Scouring Burn 25 March 1905
Laighills Play Area 25 March 1905
Ochlochy Park 26 April 1905
The Haining Car Park 15 May 1905
Bishops Well Park 16 April 1905
Laighills Mill Stream Bridge 25 March 1905

Possible assets in Stirling

Asset name Approximate date it was acquired
The Steeple, 65 King Street, Stirling Unknown
Open Space at Castle Wynd / Broad Street Unknown
Provost Lamp, South Street, Cambuskenneth Unknown
Central Library 23 January 1902
Lamp post outside Municipal Buildings Unknown
Stirling War Memorial, Corn Exchange Road 20 May 1930 and 9 July 1930
Old Town Wall 28 June 1904
Christie Clock, St.Ninians Road Unknown
Clock Tower, Union Street, Roundabout 28 March 1905
Robert Burns Statue, Albert Place 28 March 1905
Mercat Cross, Column 5 March 1905
Former Market Place, Back O’Hill Road 28 June 1904