Responses to our common good property consultation

First published

17 Nov 2022

Last updated

22 May 2023


In 2021, we held an online consultation about possible common good assets in the former burghs of:

  • Bridge of Allan
  • Callander
  • Doune
  • Dunblane
  • Stirling

On this page, you can read the responses we received from members of the public. 

In each case, the text is what was actually submitted during the consultation. We have not edited responses in any way.

Responses reflect the views of individual citizens rather than Stirling Council.

Responses about Bridge of Allan assets

In total, 8 people sent submissions about this former burgh.

Their suggestions covered 9 possible assets

Asset Submission we received Does the council currently own it?
Fields on railway side of River Allan from KorknSeal to Railway Bridge Sometime used to graze cattle but area nearest railway bridge was once council coup No
Bridge of Allan Allotments Allotments on Cornton Road Yes
Across Allan from Blairforkie Drive The grass between the Allan at Blairforkie Drive and the A9. Yes
Centenary Walk Walk created to mark centenary of Burgh Partial ownership
Land at Public Toilets Public garden adjacent to Henderson Street. Yes
Haws Park Football park changing rooms and recreational area next to Cornton Road Yes
Field to the left of Haws park Now overgrown but once ice rink and up until 1980s used for grazing cattle Yes
Allanvale Road Car Park Car Park adjacent to Allanvale Road. Yes
Tennis Courts With the exception of the refurbished court, the remaining tennis courts and surrounding land is under utilised. This area is an important gateway into Bridge of Allan from the East and would be a great location to be utilised as a wider community facility. Furthermore, it would help encourage more residents and visitors to come to this part of the town Yes

Responses about Callander assets

In total, 4 people sent submissions about this former burgh.

Their suggestions covered 2 possible assets

Asset Submission we received Does the council currently own it?
To reinstate the Fountain There is a fountain gifted to the town, it sits behind St Kessog’s church in Ancaster Square. I’d like to see it being utilised or on display, even if appears somewhere else in the town. It formally sat in the square up until the 1990s. No title
Playing Field at rear of Callander Primary School This land - then known as Teithside Park was gifted to the School Board of Callander by the McLaren Educational Trust in 1898. In 1931 the School Board was absorbed into Perth& Kinross Council and the deed dated 2/2/1931 states on (on page 4) that 'the said piece of ground is disponed etc. on the following conditions. * (on page 4) The ..joint council shall be entitled to erect and complete...any buildings for educational purposes and any buildings..suitable for a school play field. * (on page 5) that the 'ground not occupied by any buildings shall be used exclusively as a play field in connection with the said McLaren High School' (now the primary school). Failure to comply with the burdens would mean that the land reverts back to the McLaren Educational Trust. The McLaren Educational Trust no longer exists. When the primary school moves to a new site (scheduled for 2024-5) the land cannot be developed by Stirling Council under the terms of the deed unless it is used as a school playing field. It also sits within a flood plain. If the council do not intend to use the land as a playing field it is legally obliged to maintain the ground and the boundary walls. This will be a drain on the public purse. If the council decide not to use the ground for educational purposes it would be logical to transfer the land to the community for recreational use only, in line with the terms of the original and subsequent deeds. Yes

Responses about Doune assets

In total, 6 people sent submissions about this former burgh.

Their suggestions covered 9 possible assets

Asset Submission we received Does the council currently own it?
Commonty Walk The Commonty walk is one of the lovely walks in our village, the walk has a view over looking Doune No
Drinking fountain Ornamental granite fountain No title
Doune Ponds Doune ponds is a place for all the family and mobility users. Please visit Doune Village and Doune Ponds on Facebook for full details on our beautiful village. Thank you. No
East Church Clock Public clock in East Church tower No title
East Church cemetery Former burial ground situated behind the East Church No title
Doune Mercat Cross The Mercat Cross in Doune is a public Monument in the centre of the village. It dates back to the 17th century, formerly marking the location of Doune market. No title
Moray Park Public Park in centre of village gifted to community by Earl of Moray . Yes
Doune Castle Doune Castle is one of scotland's finest castles set in the beautiful village of Doune No
metal drinking fountain There is a small metal drinking fountation attached to the fence of Moray Park - was used for flowers at the last gala. Ironwork and possibly used to be painted No title

Responses about Dunblane assets

In total, 11 people sent submissions about this former burgh.

Their suggestions covered 9 possible assets.

Asset Submission we received Does the council currently own it?
Dunblane Burgh Chambers This building housed the meeting of the Burgh Council Yes
Ruins of former Bishops Palace Ruins of former Bishops Palace adjacent to Dunblane Cathedral Halls. Yes
Fourways Roundabout Attractive roundabout along the Perth Road on B8033. No title
Garden space Memorial Garden at the top of the Dunblane High Street, by the small roundabout. Situated beside the Burgh Chambers Building Yes
Memorial Footbridge Footbridge over the Allan Water from the Haining to the Memorial Garden. No title
Heilanman's Land - land at Bogside Gifted to the community by Mrs Donaldson for recreational use Yes
Holmehill Holmehill is a 13 acre greenspace in the centre of Dunblane. Situated to the east of the River Allan, and overlooking the cathedral, Holmehill is a prominent, attractive, and important landscape feature. Although now well wooded with mature trees, the origin of the name Holmehill – How Maol 'The Hollow of the Bare Hill’ - suggesting a time in history when it may have looked very different. No
Dunblane Library Dunblane Library High St Dunblane Yes
Old Mill Lade The remnants of the Old Mill Laide. Adjacent to the Haugh access path No

Responses received after the consultation deadline

We received this list of possible Dunblane assets after the consultation period had ended. We have not yet assessed it.

Asset Submission we received
Burgh Chambers Asset?
Library Asset?
Ransom strip Grant Road GC land sold
Land that should revert to SC following Cala Barbush development? Open Space
Heilanman's Land Open Space
Bridgend toilet Asset?
Cathedral toilets - past sale GC land sold
Newton Park - boundary unsure Open Space
Braemar Park Open Space
Landscaped ground next to Braemar Park Open Space
Ochlochy Park Open Space
Drying Green and Haining slope Open Space
The Haugh Open Space
Ryland Park - boundary unsure Open Space
Dunblane Primary field Open Space
Open Space next to Braemar Park Open Space
Paddling Pool and woodland Open Space
Slope to Laigh Hills - ownership unsure Open Space
Open Space - ownership unsure Open Space
Four Ways Open Space
Allotmemts Allotmemts
Wooden Bridge Wooden Bridge
Bishops Palace and path Unknown ownership
Peace Garden Open Space
High Street roundabout Open Space
Memorial Park Open Space
Old mill lade and path Open Space
Weir Open Space
Faery Bridge Faery Bridge
Rock Garden and Laigh Hills access track Open Space
George St Park Open Space
Victoria Hall Asset?
Braeport Centre Open Space
Heilanman's Extension Open Space
Laigh Hills Open Space
Bogside Housing GC land used for housing

Responses about Stirling assets

In total, 47 people sent submissions about this former burgh.

Their suggestions covered 39 possible assets

Asset Submission we received Does the council currently own it?
Argyll Centre Drill Hall The former drill hall and headquarters of the 4th Volunteer Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders is a very good example of this building type and is one of the best detailed examples of a drill hall in central Scotland. The building was designed in 1892 by the prominent local architect Ebenezer Simpson and is designed in the Scottish Baronial style, which was used in a number of drill hall designs throughout Scotland because of its military connotations. Yes
Victorian water/ fire taps there are 3/4 round kings park Listed different characters in the cast iron No title
Mercat Cross, Column Mercat Cross was used to mark the site of the Stirling market since the 13th century. This version believed to date from 16th century. No title
Thistle Park A great Common Good for this part of the town. Is it recorded as such? Yes
Glenfield Kennedy drinking fountain, Thistle Park Matches those around the Kings park and at top of the town No title
Riverside Play Park Common Good community asset Yes
Ornamental lamps by the Sun Foundry These are high quality examples from a prestigious Scottish firm No title
Black Boy Fountain Rest and relaxation space with benches, planted borders and fountain on corner of Port Street/King's Park Road and Melville Terrace. Common Good space used frequently by the public within the city centre.The fountain commemorates the loss of 30% of Stirling’s population to the plague in 1369. The fountain was originally manufactured for a visit of Queen Victoria to Glasgow and was erected at the side of the Clyde. No title
Clock Tower, Union Street Roundabout Decorative clock gifted to the Council by Provost Bayne in 1914. No title
Central Library Stirling Central Library partly funded from a contribution of £7000 by Andrew Carnegie Yes
Raploch Riverside Walk The Riverside Walk (almost right around Riverside is a Common Good. It is is a shame that it doesn't quite go all the way around. Stirling should be promoting the space as a Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. This is a great walk that is often ignored by residents I feel. Sections at the back of the old Raploch hospital need developed. An asset worth improving. Yes
Last civic Lamp Standard of the old Burgh, 33 King's Park Rd, Stirling FK8 2LA Made by the Saracen Foundry of Walter Macfarlane this was a design found around the town this is the last one the Stirling wolf is on the door. No title
Ornamental drinking fountain, 59 Victoria Pl, Stirling FK8 2QS This drinking fountain is a curious structure with mysterious provenance. The castings are marked Lion Foundry of Kirkintilloch and similar structures are found in a number of other locations including Tomintoul, but it also appears in a Sun Foundry catalogue - a case of design plagiarism ? In this case not - a chance discovery found reference to Lion Foundry buying up some patterns from the Sun Foundry when in went into receivership in the 1890’s. Lion Foundry re-branded it and continued to use the patterns. The colour scheme of the fountain is actually representative of the colours used in the Edwardian period. No title
Land alongside Burghmuir Road This area of increasingly naturalised green space provides an open aspect to anyone driving down the hill into the city and a nice green path away from the road (slightly). It should not be covered over with private housing. It is a Common Good asset of the City and needs to be recorded as such Yes
The entire Back Walk This space is clearly an historic Common Good for everyone in Stirling to enjoy. All the paths, spaces, trees etc. of the lower back walk - from the Town Hall to Ballengeich Road. An amazing Common Good space. Yes
Old Municipal Buildings These, presumably, still belong to the City of Stirling / Stirling Council and should be included in the Common Good Register for the benefit of the population. Yes
Open ground Upper Castle Hill All the open ground around Barn Road and Upper Castle Hill. This is all Common Good. Yes
Stirling Castle & Esplanade I wonder how many Stirling city centre residents know they can visit the castle for Free. Certainly a Common Good. No
Laurelhill, Open ground around Springwood Avenue All these open and natural spaces should be Common Good. They are generally nice spaces for walks. Also the open ground around Kenningknowes Road. They need recording formally and protecting. Yes
Kings Park An obvious Common Good too. A good path all the way round the golf course now too. But what else could be done? When you compare to the likes of the Helix and even Callendar House Falkirk, it is obvious that Stirling Council spends very little on recreational amenity for residents. Get more creative and invested in amenity for residents ... we can't just rely on having a castle - which is mainly for tourists anyway! Yes (leased in)
Beechwood Park Who learnt to ride a bike in this safe space? Great legacy feature. Great community asset. Must be included. Yes
Open ground Shirras Brae/Pelstream Ave You can enjoy long walks around Stirling (and Bannockburn) almost entirely away from cars. These open spaces make amazing networks for safe urban walking in generally clean air. These spaces are great Common Goods that need protected and promoted. Partial ownership
Baker Steet Park I don't even know if this has a formal name? But it is a great little space in the 'middle of the top of the town' that needs protected. It works right now, just needs to be kept clean and tidy. Yes
Albert Halls I hope these two obvious assets are on the Common Good register somewhere? Yes
Tolbooth I hope these two obvious assets are on the Common Good register somewhere? Yes
National Wallace Monument and Abbey Craig Is this all public land? If so, it should be included in the Common Good register and protected as such. Yes (leased in)
Cornton open spaces Common Good, including extensive, wide roadside verge areas and community play areas. Partial ownership
The Sheep Field i.e. The Events Field Is that what this is called? A great Common Good space, I feel, but increasingly used as a car park. What is the Council's policy wrt film crews coming in - do they need to use a certain number of Stirling-based staff? This space is designated as future park in the City Deal planning, but still nothing has happened. What's the schedule? What will the consultation process be on what actually goes in? What about the road moves proposed? Surely better to keep the Kippen Road (or move it even more 'under the crag of the golf course) and lose the one that cuts across the space under the castle? Yes (leased in)
Causewayhead park A very useful space in this part of town. Common Good Yes
Open ground Stirling-side of Stirling Bridge More green space in and around the city that needs protecting as a Common Good. Partial ownership
The Kings Knot grounds A great open space for tourists and locals. Nice safe space for kids to run up the knot and used a lot by dog walkers, with some easy parking alongside. No
Bridgehaugh open ground Another important open space. Nice to see attempts to increase biodiversity here in recent years. Yes
The daffodils verges of Kings Park Road Bring some spring-time joy on the walk from city centre to Kings Park. A definitive Common Good to protect. No
Open space Upper Bridge Street/Queen Street Small grassed triangle of ground at top of Queen Street at junction with Upper Bridge Street (next to Scout Hall). Nice little piece of green space for the Common Good. No
Smith Museum Stirling little treasure. Badly needs a refresh for the main gallery, but has a great cafe. This is a Common Good with both tourists and residents in mind. It just needs an injection of love into the main display. No
Gowan Hill An open space presumably a Common Good by some historic documentation … Yes (leased in)
Border space outside Castle Walk B&B An open space with benches and flower beds at the start of the Back Walk Yes
Open ground and edible borders opposite station How many people walk through this space each day and take it for granted? This is functional, pleasant Common Good space that should be recorded as such. The edible borders space is being appropriated as private space. It would be good to formally demark the limits of the public areas of this space as Common Good before further encroachment by apparently 'private parking'. No
Land at Old Viewforth Creation of a city park - this is the closest green space to the city centre and would create a green space for anyone living or working in the city. Many people living in the city do not have gardens and this would create a space to sit, to meet and to play. This could also play a part in Stirling's aspiration to reduce carbon footprint by planting trees. Could extend to a city orchard, allotments or urban croft - maybe creating food for free. Urban Crofts | Earth in Common ( ( ) Yes