Policy and strategy documents

Official council documents about how we plan and deliver services.

  1. British Sign Language (BSL) Plan, 2018–24

    English language version of Stirling Council's BSL plan

    Document 30 Nov 2018
  2. Delivering Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report 2023

    Delivering Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report 2023

    Document 20 Jul 2023
  3. Diversity Charter

    Our commitment to promoting fairness, dignity, respect and equality of opportunity.

    Document 14 Nov 2022
  4. Equal Pay Statement, 2023

    How we support the principle of equal pay for work of equal value.

    Document 14 Nov 2022
  5. Equality Outcomes, 2021–25

    The outcomes we're working towards, and how they relate to the public sector equality duty.

    Document 14 Nov 2022
  6. Equality Outcomes, 2021–25 — Equality Impact Assessment

    Policy Officer's assessment of our proposed equality outcomes for the period 2021 to 2025.

    Document 14 Nov 2022
  7. Five-Year Business Plan, 2019–24

    How we'll work to enable all our citizens and communities to be prosperous, healthy, achieving and resilient.

    Document 24 Oct 2022
  8. Mainstreaming Report on Employment, 2021

    Official report on how we meet our equality obligations as an employer.

    Document 14 Nov 2022
  9. Mainstreaming Report on Service Delivery, 2021

    Official report on how we're embedding equality in the delivery of our services.

    Document 14 Nov 2022