Minutes and agendas

What are minutes and agendas?


An agenda is a document that's used to:

  • set the time and place of an upcoming meeting
  • list what will be discussed during that meeting

In some cases, an agenda might come with other documents that are relevant to the meeting. For example, a council officer might:

  • write a professional report about one of the items on the agenda
  • 'attach' it to the agenda so that councillors can read it


Minutes are a written record of what happened during a meeting. They usually include notes about:

  • points that were raised or debated
  • decisions that were taken

Where you can read our minutes and agendas

You can read minutes and agendas on our 'Minutes Archive' site.

This site includes:

  • agendas of upcoming council meetings
  • minutes of council decisions from 1995 to the present day