HR performance reporting

Service overview

HR works with Services to ensure we have the right people with the right skills in the right place.

Areas of HR Service

Human Resources Organisational Development Payroll
Policy & Guidelines Organisational Change Monthly Payroll
Recruitment & Selection Induction Teachers Payroll
Employee, Health & Wellbeing programmes Leadership & Management Development Election Payroll
Job Evaluation & Terms and conditions Personal Review & Development Pensions
Workforce Planning Corporate Learning & Development programme Employee Benefits
Employee Relations MyLO - Learning Management System  


Our 5-year rolling Strategic Workforce Plan, approved by Council in June 2020 provides a vision for our future workforce.  At the same time as looking to the future, analysis of various performance information covering a wide range of HR activities such as

  • Staff Turnover,
  • Recruitment,
  • Age profiling,
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing,
  • Equality and Diversity and Working with our People.

Under the Equalities Act 2010, the Council has a statutory liability to publish a report stating how the Council discharges its duty under this act. 

Statutory Performance Indicators

There are two statutory performance indicators, one related to Absence and another related to the percentage of the highest-paid 5% of employees who are women.


In 2020/21 the number of days sickness absence for non-teachers decreased by 2.46 to 9.49% and teachers decreased by 2.57 to 3.74%. The number of days of sickness for all employees combined decreased by 2.48 to 7.91%

% of the Highest-Paid 5% of Employees

In 2020/21 61.69% of the highest paid, 5% of employees are women.

Continuous Improvement

We have introduced My Learning Online (MyLO) – Online Learning to enable employees to access training, record training, and undertake their Personal Growth and Development on line.  Paper based options are available for employees who do not have access to a computer.

We have taken steps to shorten the recruitment process and use My Job Scotland to provide candidates with the ability to apply online.

Our online Recruitment portal continues to be improved to streamline the Recruitment process which includes job applications and appointments and all the stages in between such as applicant short-leeting, invites for an interview, application progress, Reference Requests and offers and contracts issued electronically.

We work in conjunction with My Job Scotland to provide the most up to date and efficient recruitment process. The most recent update has been the introduction of a Career Hub which provides information on Stirling Council benefits, volunteering opportunities and apprenticeships. The Hub will continually be updated with relevant information.

We implemented a HR & Payroll System that allows employees to receive their payslips online, book annual leave and view/update their personal information. Through a People Manager portal, Managers can now access information about their team and update data or make requests for changes all through automated processes reducing the need for paper documents and streamlining the approval process.

We will continued to develop and improve policies and procedure in line with best practice advice and guidance to ensure the earliest and best support is available for our employees. 

In partnership with our trade unions, we revise existing guidance and develop of new guidance for our employees and managers.  We continue to work with external partners including our Occupational Health Service to introduce new initiatives to support and encourage good health.