Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 Results

Statement of Local Totals for the counting Officer's Area

Bob Jack has announced the total votes cast for each answer for the Stirling Council Area in the Scottish Independence Referendum held on 18 September 2014.

A total of 62,225 (90.1%) local residents took part in the Referendum, with 10,436 voters casting their ballot by post.

The total registered electorate for the Stirling Council Area was 69,033, with 10,825 registering for a postal vote and 721 for a proxy vote.

The total number of votes cast in relation to each answer to the referendum question in this area is as follows.
Outcome Number of Votes      
Yes    25,010       
No    37,153       
Rejected    62       

The reason for rejection are as follows:

Reason for rejection Number of papers      
a) want of an official mark  0      
b) voting in favour of both answers  16      
c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified  2      
d) unmarked or void for uncertainty  44