We believe every citizen and employee or prospective employee, has the right to receive fair and equal treatment, and we are committed to promoting fairness, dignity, respect and equal opportunity for all who live in, work in or visit the Stirling area.

Equality Principles

To achieve the above the Council will seek to:

  • Remove or minimise disadvantage for our most vulnerable citizens and communities
  • Ensure equality is integral to our decision making
  • Respond effectively to equality issues on behalf of our citizens, communities and employees
  • Ensure equality considerations are integral to our planning, development and review activity
  • Develop policies and practices based on evidence including information obtained through engagement with local communities

Our continuing commitment to equality for our citizens, communities and employees is demonstrated in the reports below. These are the most recent in a series of reports we have published since 2013; as part of our equality obligations as a local authority.

Mainstreaming Report 2017 - Service Delivery  This confirms how we integrate equality across our activities and functions when delivering services, and updates the 2015 Mainstreaming Report.

Mainstreaming Report 2017 - Employment This confirms how we meet our equality obligations as an employer. It provides information on our current and prospective workforce, pay gap statistics and an updated Equal Pay Statement and updates information included in the 2015 Mainstreaming Report.  

The Council’s Equal Pay Statement 2017 updates its previous statement published in 2013; and continues its support for the principle of equal pay for work of equal value.

The Council identified a set of equality outcomes for delivery from 2013 - 2017; designed to improve its effectiveness in meeting its equality obligations. Progress in delivering these is detailed in the Outcomes Progress Report 2013 – 17  This confirms the extent of progress achieved in delivering these outcomes and updates a previous report for the period between 2013 and 2015.

Equality Outcomes 2017-21 confirms the equality outcomes the Council will seek to achieve over the next four years.  Further work will be undertaken with Council Services and local equality groups to identify actions required to secure delivery of these outcomes.

Equality Outcomes 2017-21 Supporting Actions confirms the actions to be undertaken to help deliver the Council's agreed equality outcomes.

An equality impact assessment of the above outcomes confirms their delivery will have a positive impact on enabling the Council to continue to meet its equality obligations as identified by the General Equality Duty; the needs of  people in all protected characteristic groups, and those experiencing or vulnerable to poverty. Equality Outcomes 2017-21 Equality Impact Assessment

If you would like information on the previous reports referred to above please contact Liz Fraser, Equalities Coordinator   fraserl@stirling.gov.uk   01786 233029  

Information on how the Stirling Licensing Board meets its equality obligations is available here 

If you need help or this information supplied in an alternative format please call 01786 404040.

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