Counter-terrorism and security

In a world of evolving threats, find out more information about keeping safe and informed.

Staying vigilant and safe

We work with a variety of community and public body partners to keep Stirling a safe and welcoming city. We can all play a small part in maintaining and enhancing our safety and well-being - whether that's keeping up-to-date on the latest advice from government sources, or seeing something not quite right and making sure it's reported. Together, we've got it covered.

The current threat level

You can find updated information on current threat levels here.

What Stirling Council does to keep you safe

As well as maintaining close relationships with partners such as Police Scotland, we actively train our staff members to be vigilant for suspicious behaviour, and to report anything they are unsure of.

We are also active participants in the UK Government's Contest strategy, specifically the Prevent work-stream. 

You can find out more on Contest here.

How to stay safe abroad

Going abroad, either for work or leisure should be a fun and memorable experience. Below is some helpful guidance for staying safe and vigilant whilst abroad:

Stay safe online

We live in an interconnected world. As our communications have evolved, so too have threats. The below links signpost to useful resources for staying safe online:

Be aware


If you or others are in immediate danger, call '999'.