Disruption of utilities

Gas, Electricity, Water and other vital services can be disrupted in an emergency. Read about how to prepare and recover.

A connected world

Utilities such as water, electricity, gas and communication networks all connect the modern world - when one or more are disrupted, the effects to our quality of life can be severe.

Events affecting one utility may likely affect others too. For example, a power cut may limit internet services and coverage.

Most disruption to utilities will be short-term, however, it pays to plan ahead. With a little foresight, you can reduce the impact of any service disruption on your own life.


If you smell gas, immediately call 0800 111 999 and consult SGN guidance.

Gas can be exceedingly dangerous when handled or used incorrectly:

  • Ensure you know where your gas shut-off value is, and can easily access this if needed in an emergency
  • Schedule for your boiler and corresponding systems to undergo regular inspections and maintenance by a qualified professional.
  • SGN is the gas network operator for Scotland. They work with your gas provider to ensure a safe and efficient service. Find out more safety information on their website.

Power cuts and outages

Loss of power to your home can be for a variety of reasons. Power lines may be damaged by falling debris during storms; routine maintenance works in your area may cause temporary disruption, or there may be a wider outage in your area.

'SP Energy Networks' and 'Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks' are responsible for the electrical grid in the Stirling area - you can contact them to report a Power Cut by calling 105. If you require continuous power for mobility or medical purposes, let them know.

To find out which operator your property is covered by, you can use this tool.

Water problems

During hot weather or flooding, water supplies may be disrupted. In these instances, please contact Scottish Water who can further troubleshoot network and supply issues. You can also find further guidance here.

For information on private water supply in the Stirling area, please consult our guide here or get in touch directly with the Council Contact Centre on 01786 40 40 40.