Bandeath dog shelter

Bandeath dog shelter provides for all the basic welfare needs of lost, abandoned and stray dogs.

About the shelter

The shelter is located within three adapted industrial buildings and provides for all the basic welfare needs of the dogs.

Staff feed and check the dogs daily. Kennel staff are supported by volunteers who walk them, and spend time with dogs who need individual attention. A team of vets visit at least twice a week. Any necessary treatment to relieve suffering is provided, regardless of cost.

The SSPCA has an open invitation to visit the kennels at any time. We always take on board any recommendations they may make.

Visiting and location

Visits to the shelter are by appointment only. Email us via to make an appointment.

Bandeath Industrial Estate

The dogs

Stray dogs are collected by the dog warden service. If the owner is known, they will return it.

We try to reunite strays with their owners.  Where this is not possible dogs are offered for re-homing. Dogs which cannot be re-homed are given, free of charge, to various animal charities.

Dogs are only destroyed on veterinary advice for reasons of welfare or safety. This accounts for only a small number each year.

If you have lost your dog

To check if your dog has been taken to the shelter, phone 01786 404040. Alternatively, you can report it online.

We’ll ask you:

  • where and when you lost your dog
  • the breed and colour if your dog has a collar and details tag
  • if your dog has been ID chipped

Reclaiming your dog

By law, stray dogs can be reclaimed by their owners within seven days.

After seven days, the dog becomes the property of Stirling Council who will attempt to find it a new home.

To prevent fraudulent claims, dogs will only be handed over to owners who provide proof of identity, such as a driving licence or passport, and proof of their address.

You’ll have to pay for the costs of kennelling while your dog is at the shelter. You’ll also have to pay for any veterinary costs incurred because of any necessary emergency treatment.

Stray dog kennelling charges

Length of stay


1 day


2 days


3 days


4 days


5 days


6 days


7 days


Report a stray dog

To report a stray dog, call us on 01786 404040. Alternatively, you can report it online.

We’ll ask you:

  • where you saw the dog and when
  • the dog’s breed and colour
  • if possible and safe to do so, any details on its collar tag
  • owner’s name and address if known
  • your own contact details
  • any other relevant information, such as direction of travel

If you've taken the dog into your home and want it uplifted outside normal office hours, contact your local police office.

Buying a dog

Dogs that have not been claimed by their owner within seven days become available for sale to the public. To reduce stress for the dog and to be sure you are compatible, they are not sold on the first visit. Normally, at least three familiarisation visits on separate days are necessary.

The cost of buying a dog from us is £174. This includes a full veterinary examination, initial vaccination against the main dog diseases, and free pet insurance for four weeks. We take all reasonable steps to ensure dogs are free from any apparent illness, injury or disease at the time of sale. Stirling Council is not liable for any problems which may arise later.