Housing Benefit

This guide describes who can apply for Housing Benefit and how to appeal against a Housing Benefit payment amount.

Support to pay your rent

Housing Benefit helps people who are claiming benefits, on a low wage or unemployed to pay all or part of their rent. It's for anyone who pays rent to a council or housing association. It applies if you live in a house, caravan, hostel, hotel or guesthouse.

It does not apply if you pay rent to a close relative.

If you pay rent to a private landlord, you might be eligible for Housing Benefit at Local Housing Allowance rates.

Find out more about Local Housing Allowance

Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit but some residents can still claim Housing Benefit from Stirling Council.

Who can claim Housing Benefit?

You can make a new claim for Housing Benefit if:

  • you, and your partner if they live with you, have reached State Pension age
  • you’re in supported, sheltered or temporary accommodation

If you don't fall into either of these categories, you may be eligible for Universal Credit. You can apply for this at the Department for Work and Pensions website.

A benefit calculator is available at BetterOff Stirling.

Information and advice is also available to help you apply for benefit online. Better Off also provides information on debts and options available for dealing with debt, as well as how to find and apply for jobs.


To qualify, you must live in the property, and it must be your main home.

You will not be able to claim if you, or your spouse or partner:

  • have savings or capital of £16,000 or more – unless you or your partner receive Guaranteed Pension Credit
  • own or are buying your own home
  • are in a nursing home or residential care home
  • have not yet moved into your house
  • are a full-time student in higher education – unless you’re in an exempt category, such as a single parent or pensioner or if you have a disability

If you already receive Housing Benefit

Stirling Council residents who already receive Housing Benefit will continue to do so. If you change address in the Stirling area but still meet the eligibility criteria, your benefit will not be affected.

If you think your benefit amount is wrong

Ask us for a verbal or written explanation of how your benefit was worked out. If you still think your benefit amount is wrong, you can ask us to look at the decision again. You must do this within a month of the date on the decision letter.

If you're still unhappy, you can make a formal appeal against our decision to an independent tribunal.

Help and further information

We can provide guidance on eligibility and making a claim.


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We're open from:

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