Council housing rent and charges

Pay council rent

The amount of rent you pay depends on the type and size of council house you live in. We review our rent charges every year, and consult with our tenants and representatives to get their views on any proposed changes.

Any increase in rent charges will be effective from your April rent payment.

Rent for garages and pitch sites is in addition to the rent you pay for your home.

2024/25 weekly rent charges by property size

Property Size/Type Bedsit 1 Bed 2 Bed 3 Bed 4 Bed 5 Bed 7 Bed 8 Bed
Flat in close/ maisonette £71.72 £79.07 £80.95 £82.83 £84.73      
Own-door flat   £80.58



Bungalow/ semi-detached/ end terrace   £84.73 £86.74 £88.75 £90.77 £92.80 £96.81 £98.85


£84.80 £86.79 £88.75 £90.75    
Detached       £90.68 £92.79 £94.84 £98.96  


Properties with an integrated garage will be charged a garage rent in addition to the rental charge. This charge will also increase annually based on the rent increase.

Properties subject to factoring will have a service charge added to the weekly rent charge. The service charge will rise annually in line with any increase in fees applied by the factoring agent.