Our performance

How we meet our obligations as a social landlord.


Every year, as part of its duties as a social landlord, Stirling Council:

  • submits an annual return to the Scottish Housing Regulator
  • publishes an assurance statement
  • produces an annual report about how we've performed

These documents explain:

  • how we comply with our regulatory and statutory obligations
  • how satisfied our tenants are with our service
  • how we provide value for money

Annual return the Scottish Housing Regulator

As a social landlord, we must meet the aims and standards within the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

Every year, we submit an annual return on the charter to the Scottish Housing Regulator. The Scottish Housing Regulator then uses this information to:

  • report on our performance
  • produce an engagement plan

Annual assurance statement

We publish this statement to assure the Scottish Housing Regulator and our service users that we're complying with our regulatory and statutory obligations.

Annual housing report for Stirling Council tenants

Our annual report contains clear and simple information on:

  • Stirling Council's profile and value for money
  • tenant satisfaction and involvement
  • neighbourhoods and communities