Ready to Let properties

Sometimes we may let less popular properties in a different way than we normally do. These properties will be advertised as ‘Ready to Let’ on our website and we will invite notes of interest from people on our housing list interested in letting these.

We may advertise properties as Ready to Let if one of the following circumstances applies:

  • Other Council properties in the street were refused three or more times in the last two years.
  • The property has been refused three or more times.
  • The property has been available to let for six or more weeks.

Before applying

You must already be on our housing list if you want to note your interest in a property advertised as Ready to Let. If you do not have an application for housing with us, you can apply by completing a housing application form. It takes 10 working days for us to process an application for housing and you cannot note an interest in a Ready to Let property until this is completed, so please submit an application at the earliest opportunity.

Where are Ready to Let properties advertised?

Properties will be advertised on the Council’s website when they become available. If there are no properties advertised on the website it means no Ready to Let properties are currently available.

You can ask to receive an email alert to notify you when properties become available. To sign up for this service, please email us at

How to apply

If you are interested in a property advertised as Ready to Let, you should email the housing allocations team at In your email, you should tell us your name, the property you’re interested in and your housing application number. If you don’t know your housing application number, you can tell us your current address and postcode instead. You should also

You can apply for as many Ready to Let properties as you want to and it won’t affect your application for housing with us.

Sometimes we might not be able to consider you for a property you note your interest in. This is likely to happen if the property is too big or small for your needs, or if the property doesn’t meet any medical recommendations on your application.

What happens next?

Unfortunately we will not be able to contact everyone who notes an interest in a property. We will only get in touch with you if we are able to make you an offer of housing or if we need more information from you.

If more than one person notes an interest in a property, we will decide which of our housing groups to let the property to and make an offer to the person with the most housing need on that list.