When you become a Stirling Council tenant, you will sign a tenancy agreement (Contract).  Most tenants will sign a Scottish Secure Tenancy or SST for short.

The SST provides details of Stirling Council's (the landlords) rights and responsibilities and your (the tenant) rights and responsibilities.

In some circumstances, tenants may be offered a tenancy with fewer rights and less security. This is known as a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy (SSST). 

Ending a Tenancy

When ending your tenancy, an end of tenancy form must be completed and handed to your Housing Officer or into Customer First.

Assignation Tenancy

Assignation is where a tenant assigns (passes on or hands over) their tenancy to another person, known as the Assignee. No new tenancy is created, but the rights and responsibilities associated with the tenancy are passed onto the assignee.  Application to assign your tenancy

The tenant:

  • Has lived in the house as their only or principal home for 12 months immediately before applying to assign the tenancy; and
  • Has the written consent of the landlord.

The assignee:

  • Is over 16 years of age; and
  • Has lived in the house as their only or principal home for 12 months or more prior to the application to assign the tenancy.
The 12-month residency period will only start when the Council has been formally notified in writing that the person is living in the property as their only or main home