Tenant participation

A guide to how you can share your views, get involved in decision making and help us to improve our services.


We’re committed to:

  • listening to our tenants
  • working in partnership with our tenants
  • providing good quality information 

By doing this, we aim to provide excellent housing services to people across the Stirling Council area.

In this guide, we list ways that you can:

  • find out more about what we’re doing
  • get support
  • get directly involved in our work

Tenant Participation Advisory Service

The Tenant Participation Advisory Service Scotland is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes good practice in tenant participation.

They can provide information and advice on issues like:

  • starting a group
  • setting up a project to review services

Tenant Participation Strategy and Action Plan, 2020–23

Our Tenant Participation Strategy sets out how we'll work to improve tenant participation. This includes how we'll:

  • keep tenants involved
  • monitor tenant participation

The strategy document also includes our Action Plan, which rounds up the specific steps we'll take over this period.

Review of our Tenant Participation Strategy

We'll be reviewing our Tenant Participation Strategy in 2023. We'll share further details about the review soon, but you can contact us now if you'd like to take part. You can be involved as much or as little as you like, but your participation will help us to provide a better service.

To tell us you want to be involved, contact our Quality and Performance team.

Tenants' Panel

If you want to get involved but don't have much time to spare, join our Tenants’ Panel. 

As a member of the panel, you'll:

  • get to take part in online or postal surveys
  • be invited to occasional focus groups and meetings

You'll be asked about lots of different housing issues, and will have a chance to tell us what you think about:

  • what we do now
  • suggested changes to our services

To volunteer, contact our Quality and Performance team.

Tenants' Voice

Our Tenants' Voice programme is a way for you to act as a link between:

  • our Housing Services team
  • other tenants in your area

As a volunteer, you'll:

  • speak to other tenants to find out their views
  • help other tenants to find out what’s happening about housing issues in the area

You can represent a part of your street or the whole area.

Our Housing Services team will provide training and support.

To volunteer, contact our Quality and Performance team.

Tenant-led inspections

Taking part in a tenant-led housing inspection is a good way to:

  • get training and learn new skills
  • meet new people
  • make recommendations about improvements to our services

If you want to volunteer, you must be able to commit to a few full days to carrying out an inspection.

To volunteer, contact our Quality and Performance team.

Housing Advisory Group

The Housing Advisory Group is a way for tenants and councillors to get together to discuss:

  • housing policy
  • how we can develop our services

As a member of the group, you can access training and support. However, you must commit to attending 6 group meetings a year.

To apply for the group, contact our Quality and Performance team.

Registered tenant organisations

There are currently 4 registered tenant organisations in the Stirling Council area. These are:

  • Stirling Tenants Assembly
  • Cultenhove Opportunities Partnership
  • Cornton Action Planning Partnership
  • Strathfillan Housing Partnership

If you want to get in touch with any of these groups, our Quality and Performance team can help you. The team can also provide advice on how you can set up your own registered tenant organisation.

Contact our Quality and Performance team.

Open Door Newsletter

Our quarterly Open Door newsletter includes the latest information on:

  • actions we're taking to help our tenants
  • opportunities for you to have your say, including surveys and consultations
  • special events and initiatives