Gypsy travellers

This guide describes the facilities available to gypsy travellers in the Stirling Council area and how to access them.

Bridgend travellers site

Stirling Council operates a permanent site for Gypsy travellers at:

Bridgend Park

Stirling Council’s travelling persons officer is based at the site Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. They can help you with any problems you may have during your stay.

About the site

The site has 18 hard stand pitches. Each pitch can hold one caravan and a van, and has access to a chalet with a bathroom and kitchen facilities. We have one chalet that’s suitable for a wheelchair user. All caravans can be connected to an electricity supply. There is a CCTV system in place.


Short-term stays of up to 10 nights are free of charge. If you stay longer than 10 nights, you will pay a weekly rent of £89.46. You need to pay for your own electricity. You are also expected to pay Council Tax while living on the site.

How to apply for a pitch

You can apply:

How we allocate pitches

We have a waiting list for pitches. Normally, an available pitch will be offered to the person who has been on the list for the longest period. However, if you already have a lease on another authorised site, we may offer it first to an applicant who does not have a site to stay on. If we cannot get in touch with you, the offer will be made to the next applicant on the waiting list.

If you accept the offer our offer of a pitch we’ll give you:

  • a written tenancy agreement
  • details of rent due and an appointment with an income maximisation officer
  • information about how to make a formal complaint about the site provider
  • information about your rights and responsibilities
  • instructions on how to use the appliances and systems in the amenity block

Support for children

Traveller children must receive an education, which is likely to involve going to school. We can support parents to have their children enrolled in a local school, taking into account the specific needs of the gypsy and traveller culture. We can also help you access other public services, including healthcare.

Out of hours contact

If the power card machine is not working, you can get a power card from

Springkerse House
5 Springkerse Road

Tel: 01786 237900