Empty homes

Empty homes are a wasted resource

An empty home is a privately owned property that has been unoccupied for 6 months or more. Stirling Council considers empty homes to be a wasted resource that could be used to help meet the demand for housing. They can also become an eyesore, risking vandalism and damage from the elements.

Our empty homes service is designed to encourage and support residential property owners to buy or let their empty properties.


Properties that are unoccupied for 12 months or more are subject to a 100% increase in Council Tax

How we can help

It’s up to home owners to maintain their property and keep it in good order. Stirling Council’s empty homes officer can give you information and advice to help bring your property back into use. There are many options available, from help with finding a tenant to advice on selling or renovating the property.

Find out about our empty homes matchmaker scheme

Contact our empty homes officer

Email: allisonal@stirling.gov.uk  

Phone: 01786 237806

Report an empty property

If you’re concerned about an empty property you can report it using the free national helpline. Call 03445151941.