Landlord registration

Before you can rent out your property, you need to register with the Scottish Landlord Register.

The registration scheme is designed to enforce minimum standards in private renting. It also enables tenants and neighbours to identify and contact landlords.

See the Landlord's information booklet

Who should register?

Everyone named on the title deeds of a property must register. One owner is designated 'lead' applicant and responsible for the registration fees - any other joint owners receive a discount on the registration fee.

Registration fees

  • Principal fee: £80
  • Property fee: £18 per rental property
  • Late application fee: £160

Discounts are available for:

  • landlords who own properties in more than one local authority area – online applicants only
  • joint owners
  • landlords who have a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licence
  • Scottish charities

Late application fines

Registration is valid for three years. If you are still a landlord at that end of that period, you should renew your registration.

A late application fee is charged if an application is made after the local authority has made two requests for an application to be made. For renewals, you’ll receive a renewal reminder 90 and 30 days before your registration expires.

Your obligations

As part of the application process, you’ll be asked for information about key safety aspects of your property. These are around:

  • gas and electrical safety
  • electrical appliance testing
  • fire, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection
  • public or private water supply
  • energy performance
  • legionella risk assessment
  • rental property insurance
  • common repairs
  • tenancy deposits

We may contact you for further evidence or confirmation of about these areas.