Procurement The acquisition by purchase, lease, rent, hire, transfer, loan or other legal means of the goods, services and works required and/or used by an organisation 
EU Legislation EU Public Procurement Directives, which are the rules and regulations that public sector organisations must comply with when completing any procurement process. 

Official Journal of the European Union, where every procurement process in excess of the OJEU thresholds must be advertised.  OJEU thresholds are as follows as of January 2018:

  • Goods     -  £181,302
  • Services  -  £181,302
  • Works     -  £4,551,413
Contract Standing Orders Stirling Council's internal control procedures for procurement and contracting. 
OJEU Tender The most formal and complex of all procurement processes for requirements with a total aggregated value in excess of the thresholds detailed in the OJEU section above 
Tender The formal procurement process for all requirements with an aggregated value of between £172,514 to the OJEU threshold for Works detailed above, with very detailed and specific documentation, but where the timetable is more flexible than in an OJEU process. 
RFQ Request for Quotation.  A formal procurement process for requirements valued from £10,000 to the OJEU threshold for Supplies and Services detailed above and where the documentation issued is less detailed and less specific than is used for tenders.  An RFQ process is the least formal of the procurement processes. 
e-Tender The process as described above for Tender/RFQ, but carried out electronically online.  This is part of our Procurement Improvement Agenda.
Purchasing Cards A payment card issued to staff that may be used to purchase goods and/or services up to an agreed value from certain suppliers.  Although similar in operation, it is not a credit card that can be used anywhere and there is no credit facility. For suppliers' the important fact is that typically paid in full will be made directly to their bank accounts within three working days, thereby improving their cash flow.  There are also other benefits for suppliers.  More information on purchasing cards. 
Total Aggregated Value The total value of the overall requirement over the contract term. Individual or annual values are irrelevant where goods, services or works are of the same type or have similar characteristics.  The total value of the contract must be used when deciding which process. 
FOI Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. 

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