Different levels of planning are required to make sure children and young people get the right support. Staged Intervention is the structured process used to identify the level of support to meet the learning needs of an individual child or young person.

Staged Intervention

A Staged Intervention process is used in Stirling’s schools and nurseries to identify and meet additional support needs of children and young people. Additional support needs may require more, or different, support to what is normally provided in schools or nurseries for children of the same age. 

Anyone, including children and parents, can ask for stage intervention to be used.

Co-ordinated Support Plans (CSP)

Most children and young people with ASN will not need a CSP as their needs will be met through other forms of planning. 

A CSP is a legal document which aims to co-ordinate the support that a child or young person receives from different services e.g. education, social work and health.

The CSP sets out who provides the support, how often and for how long.


Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:56 PM