Document of the Month - January 2019

New additions to our collection: Buchanan and Drymen school records

Our document of the month for January focuses on a small collection of records which became part of our holdings just before Christmas. These were particularly welcomed as they bolstered the existing records that we house here in relation to this subject area. Gifted to us by Drymen primary school, they consist of log books and admission and withdrawal registers from both Drymen and Buchanan schools, along with photographs and public notice.

The log books give an interesting insight into daily life at the schools and include additional information such as H.M. Inspector reports closure for important historical events as happened for V.E. day celebrations in 1945, and occurrences of illness or school outings. The admission and withdrawal register likewise provide detailed information about each pupil joining and leaving, including dates of birth, addresses, details of parents and accurate withdrawal information and the reason for this.

These volumes are a good example of being able to identify societal changes too. For example, in the earlier registers, the reason given for leaving was often “gone to work” when children became part of the workforce at an early age, whereas the more recent records show pupils continuing their education in secondary school, or leaving to attend college. Many can also be seen to have either left the district and so moved to another school or even country, and in some very sad cases, the child is recorded as having died.

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