Insurance and Claims Statistics 

We publish statistics as part of the Council's commitment to openness and transparency and to meet our statutory obligations under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. We update these tables every quarter.

These statistics are broken down into claims for potholes by financial year and the aim is to respond to common Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

If further information is required, you must send a formal request to us.

Public Liability - Carriageway Pothole Claims Causing Damage to Vehicles*
Financial year Total claims Settled  Total Paid to Date
2014-15 61 5 £1,529.91
2015-16 50 8 £1,098.00
2016-17 20 0 £0
2017-18 121 37 £8,670.26
2018-19 61 18 £4,730.88
2019-20 94 12 £1863.69
2020-21 64 1 £300
2021-22 18 0 -

*These figures are correct as of the 30 April 2021 with further updates throughout the year*  Settled - Finalised with payment

       Please note the following:
  • The above statistics are updated on a quarterly basis and provide details of the claims recorded over the past 5 fiscal years.
  • Stirling Council does not hold a value or details of reserves for claims for each financial year.
  • We do not hold information regarding pre and post-litigation of claims.
  • We cannot provide details of specific payments or a description of the claim, as we are unable to release information that may lead to the identification of any individual(s).
  • Due to the way claims are recorded, we are unable to provide a further breakdown of claims as this requires manual sifting of information.

Last updated: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 1:57 PM