91% of Stirling Council tenants satisfied with housing services

A new survey has found that 91% of Stirling Council tenants are satisfied with their housing services – almost 10% higher than the Scottish local authority average.

Stirling Council housing development
The last Stirling Council Tenant Satisfaction Survey took place in 2019

This is also a 4% increase compared to the last survey conducted in 2019, while tenants’ opinion of the quality of their homes has also increased in this time period, with 87% satisfied, up from 84% and higher than the local authority average of 81%.

The Tenant Satisfaction Survey, carried out by the Council’s housing service, aims to find out what services matter most to council housing tenants, how well these services are provided and areas for improvement.

'A resounding endorsement'

Community Wellbeing and Housing Convener, Cllr Gerry McGarvey said: “I take an immense amount of pride in the high standards of our Housing Service, with a resounding endorsement of their work and supports in the Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

“The overwhelming majority of our tenants have said they are kept well informed, included in decision-making processes and receive good value for money for the rent that they pay. Most tenants who have needed repairs and maintenance have been either very or fairly satisfied with the service’s efforts to carry these out.

“The Housing Team provide a level of service that keeps pace with and exceeds the national local authority average in terms of tenant satisfaction. I’d like to wholeheartedly thank them all for their effort and commitment shown over the past four years to ensure this has been achieved.”

The three main priorities indicated by respondents to the Tenant Satisfaction Survey were repairs and maintenance, making improvements to existing housing and keeping tenants informed.

The positive feedback comes on the back of Stirling Council’s Housing service receiving a Delivering Excellence Award at the prestigious COSLA 2023 Excellence Awards for its Healthier Homes project. The project has seen environmental sensors installed across council homes to monitor ambient conditions in order to combat issues that arise from damp, condensation and mould.

The project was also named as a finalist in the Service Improvement and Innovation category. More recently, Healthier Homes was also shortlisted at the Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland Housing Awards for the Excellence in Health and Wellbeing Award.