Approval for memorial garden in St Ninians

Story about the approval of a memorial garden in St Ninians in Stirling.

St Ninians Old Parish Church
St Ninians Old Parish Church

Stirling 4 Community, a local charity, is creating the garden to honour past residents of William Simpsons Asylum who are buried there. A number of community groups will undertake gardening tasks to maintain and enhance the area. 

The proposals include the installation of a memorial notice board, a small timber shed and two sets of raised beds and planters at the site, which is located between St Ninians Old Parish Church and the A9 Burghmuir Road.

A report by Council Officers considered that the proposal complies with the Stirling Local Development Plan.

Following a hearing at Tuesday’s (30 Aug) meeting of the panel, the plans were given the green light, subject to a programme of archaeological works and appropriate painting to the historic railings at the site.

A total of 17 letters of objection and one comment were lodged about the application and these were considered when applying the conditions.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed here:

To read the report and download the agenda papers, follow this link:

Picture shows the former graveyard in St Ninians.