Council crackdown on thoughtless dog owners

Pet owners in the Stirling area are being urged to make sure dog poo is their business – or risk an £80 fine.

A picture of a dog and litter waste bin and a hand dropping a bin bag into it
Complaints to Stirling Council over the failure of dog owners to 'bag it and bin it' have increased threefold in the last year.

Inconsiderate owners who fail to bag it and bin it will be targeted over the coming weeks by enforcement officers from the Council’s Community Safety Team.

Patrols of uniformed and non-uniformed officers will challenge and educate irresponsible members of the public when they are out and about with their pets. Repeat offenders will be fined as a last resort.

There has been a threefold increase in complaints on dog fouling across Stirling in the last 12 months to almost 300.

Public Parks

There are over 1000 litter and dog mess dual bins or specific dog mess litter bins that can be used by the public. However, fouling is still an issue in public parks, foot paths and even school playing fields.

Drew Leslie, Head of Infrastructure, said: “The people of Stirling are telling us unequivocally that they have had enough of thoughtless dog owners creating this health hazard.

“The majority are respectful and responsible, but the increase in the number of complaints is such that we must focus our officer resources and, ultimately, issue fixed penalty notices.

“Officers from our Community Safety Team are keen to engage with pet owners and educate them where possible, but repeat offenders could face enforcement action to address this widespread problem.

Safer Environment

“We’re encouraging our children to walk and cycle to school and we cannot expose them to the level of dog fouling we’re now seeing on our paths, pavements and public spaces.

“Hopefully, the outcome of our action will be a cleaner, safer environment and a reduction in the number of complaints about dog owners who don’t bag it and bin it. They must understand the consequences of their thoughtlessness and change their behaviour for the benefit of all.”