Council to consult on taxi fare review

Taxi operators in Stirling are to be consulted over plans to increase typical fares by around 14 per cent.

A yellow light atop a black cab that reads 'Taxi'
The views of drivers and others in the trade are being sought on a proposed rise in taxi fares.

Stirling Council’s Planning and Regulation Panel has agreed to seek the views of drivers and others in the trade on the proposed rise in fares, which reflects recent inflationary pressures and other costs.

Stirling Council commissioned a Taxi Fare Review from independent traffic consultants, Licensed Vehicles Survey and Assessment (LVSA), which was undertaken in March 2023.


LVSA has reported back to the Council, with the findings discussed at the meeting of the Planning and Regulation Panel today (Tuesday, May 2).

Proposals in the consultation include:

  • An increase in distance based charges of 13.9% (10 pence for every 86 yards)
  • A minimum fare increase from £3 to £3.40 for Tariff 1 (7am-11pm) and £3.50 to £4 for Tariff 2 (11pm-7am plus Sundays and public holidays)
  • A wait time increase by 50% to 30p per minute after the first three minutes
  • A new tariff for five or more passengers based on distance, rather than a fixed cost per additional passenger

Under the proposed new fares, the minimum fare for Tariff 1 would rise by 13.3% from £3 to £3.40, a five mile journey would increase 14.4% from £11.10 to £12.70 and a 10 mile journey would rise 13.9% from £20.10 to £22.90.


The fare review considers changes in costs associated with operating a taxi, including the price of a vehicle, servicing, fuel, insurance, vehicle excise duty, licensing cost and average national earnings.

Council officers will report back to the Planning and Regulation Panel in due course with the outcome of the taxi trade consultation and next steps for consideration.

The agenda papers for the meeting, including the LVSA Report, are published on the Stirling Council website.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed here: