Council to invest over £18 million in housing across Stirling

Stirling Council will invest more than £18m in housing across its communities during 2023-24.

Housing within Stirling
Under the Housing Capital Investment Programme, 45 new homes will be delivered

Around £8m has been earmarked for delivering 75 homes, 45 of which will be new, as part of the Housing Capital Investment Programme. This will be supported by £4.2m in grant funding from the Scottish Government.

A total of £1.5m will be invested in solar panels and battery storage with the majority of this investment targeting installation of solar panels to flats in tenements, increasing the number of council tenants who can benefit from renewable energy.

The Housing Capital Investment Programme for the next financial year was approved by Councillors at a Special Meeting of Council held on 16 February.

The report also outlined commitments to invest more than £7.5m (estimated) to upgrade existing housing stock, including work to install new kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, roofs, central heating and insulation.

The investment programme will enable the Council to improve the quality of housing that it can offer to residents and increase the number of houses in its stock while reducing energy costs for residents.

Additionally, the investment will improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from Stirling’s housing stock in line with the Council’s strategic aims to respond to the climate and nature emergency.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed here: