Councillor Elaine Watterson appointed as new Stirling Council Provost

Councillor Elaine Watterson has been appointed as the new Provost of Stirling Council.

Picture shows the new Stirling Council Provost Elaine Watterson
Picture shows the new Stirling Council Provost Elaine Watterson

She was appointed to the role at the start of today’s meeting of Council. It follows the recent resignation of Cllr Douglas Dodds, who had been Provost since May 2022.

Elected in May 2022 to represent the Trossachs and Teith Ward, Cllr Watterson sits on a number of bodies and is the Council’s Older People’s Champion. She has also deputised for the Provost at civic events as one of the Council’s Bailies, most recently at Stirling’s Christmas lights switch on.

The Provost is Stirling Council’s civic leader and represents the council and local communities at events throughout the year such as the annual Remembrance Sunday service.

The apolitical role also includes specific duties relating to Council business, including chairing meetings of council and convening the civic panel.

Deeply honoured

Provost Watterson said: “I’m deeply honoured to be named as Stirling Council’s new Provost. It will be a huge privilege to represent all the people in the Stirling area in this important role.

“I would like to thank Douglas for his efforts during his term, and I look forward to promoting Stirling and our incredible communities at home and further afield, including next year as Stirling celebrates its 900th anniversary as a royal burgh.

“I can’t wait to get started in the role if you would me to attend an event, please get in touch with the civic office.”


The role of the Provost dates back to the 12th century when Stirling first became a royal burgh under David I.

The Provost was responsible for collecting taxes on behalf of the sheriff of Stirling, who in turn paid them to the Crown. The later middle ages saw Stirling’s Merchant Guildry secure control of the council and the office of Provost.

The role of the Provost within the council and the community has not changed significantly in recent times.

Typically, he or she has been a long-serving councillor with experience of high municipal office. The Provost is chosen by councillors to act as the figurehead of the council within the community and the representative of the both the council and the community in the wider world.

For more info on the role of Stirling's Provost and how to request the Provost to attend an event, visit:

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