Dirty Hands as Kids Enjoy Bug Hunt Safari with Rangers

Stirling Council’s Greenspace Rangers’ first community engagement event since the service resumed at the beginning of August has been a hit with the kids.

Dirty Hands as Kids Enjoy Bug Hunt Safari with Rangers
Dirty Hands as Kids Enjoy Bug Hunt Safari with Rangers

The Rangers hosted a Minibeast Safari bug hunt at Plean Country Park last Wednesday (10 August) which offered youngsters a chance to get up close and personal with the many creepy crawlies that live in the grass.

The children, accompanied by their parents and guardians, were able to make use of the park’s pond dipping platform to get a look at a whole host of pond-life, including newtlets, water boatmen, and damselfly larvae.

Greenspace Ranger, Ettie Shattock said: “It was a really lovely day. The sun was shining and the team had just as much fun as the children who took part in the Minibeast Safari. We had some brilliant feedback from the parents who also took part in the day, helping us catch and discover a range of insects with sweep nets.

“On the day, grasshoppers, shield bugs, spiders and bumblebees were the firm favourites among the kids. They were also impressed with the pond’s resident dragonflies who put on a colourful display.

“We’re happy to have been able to interact with the kids and give them an introduction to the natural wonders that live in our greenspaces. We’re looking forward to putting on more events like this to reach out to more of Stirling’s communities.”

Environment and Housing Convener, Cllr Jen Preston said: “This first event arranged by the Greenspace Rangers since the return of the service has been warmly received by those who attended. The opportunity given to young children to explore and learn more about their natural surroundings is invaluable and will hopefully foster a culture of appreciation for our green spaces within communities.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the team achieve, and how residents and visitors alike interact with them in the future.”